2013 ASIS Product Showcase

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Booth #724

G4S Secure Solutions of Jupiter, Florida, prepares its security officers with training and award-winning mobile software to help maximize performance, compliance, and transparency. Secure Trax software provides customized facility inspections, real-time incident reporting, accountability, and metrics, such as GPS tracking, automated time and attendance, and verified check-in. The officers are carefully recruited, screened, and trained to meet the needs of a particular site. Managers can add G4S Insight, a Web-based platform, to aggregate metrics into reports, measure effectiveness, and more. 

Booth #1711

Altronix eBridge Plus Ethernet over Coax/PoE Adapters provide a high-performance and cost-effective transmission solution for IP video, data, and power over coaxial cable. Designed for plug-and-play installation, the devices transmit video, data, and power up to 1,500 feet without repeaters. The units also provide automatic detection and protection of legacy non-PoE cameras and devices. Made by Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, the eBridge Plus is UL listed in the United States and Canada, is C-Tick approved, and carries a lifetime warranty. 


MBM Corporation
Booth #162

MBM Corporation of North Charleston, South Carolina, has introduced a new Destroyit Degausser/Hard Drive Punch that magnetically degausses a hard drive and then physically destroys the drive by piercing it with a hardened steel die. The high-powered degaussing unit completely erases hard drives up to 1½ inches high and high-coercivity tape media. It is rated for continuous operation and is CE certified. The degaussing cycle takes 60 seconds; then the hard drive can be dropped into the punch unit where it is physically destroyed. 

HID Global
Booth #329
As part of the iCLASS SE platform, the state-of-the-art iCLASS Seos credential from HID Global of Irvine, California, is a high-frequency solution that offers security, flexibility, and portability. The standards-based technology manages and authenticates identities, delivering maximum interoperability by supporting current, emerging, and future technologies, such as NFC-enabled smartphones. To support contactless communications, iCLASS Seos provides data integrity and privacy protection by leveraging industry-standard cryptographic algorithms. The credential can be securely embedded on NFC smartphones for physical access control, computer logon, biometrics, and other applications.


DAQ Electronics
Booth #2319

The award-winning EntroWatch access control system provides simple interfaces to thousands of compliant platforms and devices. Made by DAQ Electronics of Piscataway, New Jersey, the easy-to-install EntroStar door control uses a PoE+ source to provide all required peripheral power for two entry-exit portals, including readers, door-locking devices, and local battery charging. On-panel diagnostic LEDs allow complete local commissioning without requiring special tools. Residing on a real-time, live, tile-based user interface, the system provides one-touch management of all access control functions. 

Booth #2355

Prosegur of Madrid, Spain, offers services in guarding, corporate technology, cash transit, and residential alarms. The company specializes in new products that adapt to the needs of each customer in a variety of sectors, such as airports, retail, and finance. It offers control centers, mobile devices, and guard services, in addition to automated cash handling and banking. The company currently operates out of 400 offices in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Booth #2263

The new ClearSight dome coating technology from Panasonic of Secaucus, New Jersey, provides better visibility and reduces image distortion caused by water droplets in rainy conditions. The hydrophilic coating allows raindrops to flatten onto the surface of a camera dome. Water stains on the dome surface are washed away by rain or simply by spraying with water. The ClearSight dome coating is a standard feature on Panasonic Outdoor Dome pan-tilt-zoom models, including the analog series WV-CW594A, HD 720P series WV-SW396A and WV-SW395A, and the full HD 1080p series WV-SW598.

Brownyard Group
Booth #1019

The Brownyard Group of Bay Shore, New York, provides insurance and risk management solutions for the security guard, private investigative, and alarm industries. With more than 60 years of experience covering security concerns, Brownyard offers broad coverage through an “admitted” insurer. The company handles claims in an expeditious and knowledgeable manner via its in-house claims facility.

Assa Abloy Group
Booth #127

ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin of Berlin, Connecticut, and SARGENT of New Haven, Connecticut, offer the IN120 Wi-Fi lock, which uses 802.11 Wi-Fi infrastructure and a flexible feature set. Easy installation and cost-effective operation allows facilities to expand access control coverage to more doors. It is available in mortise lock and cylindrical lock configurations. Featuring HID multiCLASS SE technology, it supports heightened identity security and multiple credentials, including NFC-enabled mobile phones.

Booth #2005

Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, has introduced a maximum-security, multipoint lock with three-bolt construction. The ECL-230X-TDB is designed with a larger deadbolt that goes deeper into the frame than other locks in the category. Connecting rods are solid steel. Life safety- and code-compliant, the lock serves as both panic hardware and a maximum-strength locking device. It includes a photoluminescent sign, 100-decibel alarm, and three locking points per door. Combined with three DX Bolts, the lock can withstand 16,000 pounds of pull force.


Tyco Integrated Solutions
Booth #805

Tyco Integrated Security of Boca Raton, Florida, offers fully integrated security solutions to meet specific security challenges. Tyco provides local service from highly-trained security professionals and world-class monitoring centers to help users reduce risk, improve safety, and increase efficiency. It also offers a comprehensive range of integrated security solutions, including managed and hosted services, and national security coverage from integration and installation to post-sale services and ongoing management.

Designed Security, Inc.
Booth #2011

The new Slimline Series from Designed Security, Inc., provides a refined visual and physical turnstile with barrier. Its smaller footprint enables customization to fit in smaller areas. Each unit can monitor the passage of 30 to 45 people per minute per lane and integrates with any access-control system. Made of lightweight but strong acrylic, it offers a sense of openness. It also features a programmable LCD display with audio wavefile capabilities, as well as next-generation optical-sensing technology for increased accuracy. 


Honeywell Systems
Booth #1304

The MAXPRO NVR/VMS2.5 from Honeywell Systems of Louisville, Kentucky, offers flexible solutions to fit varying security needs and reduce total cost of ownership. It provides enhanced productivity with efficient search capabilities and reduced false alarms. The system offers sustainable access control and video system integration. Situational awareness is provided in a 360-degree immersive experience for increased coverage with fewer cameras. Its open structure gives increased flexibility and greater freedom of choice with support for ONVIF Profile S compliant devices, in addition to PSIA and RTSP.



All Traffic Solutions
Booth #4615

All Traffic Solutions of State College, Pennsylvania, offers cloud-based technology integrated into its entire line of traffic-calming speed displays, message signs, and imaging products. The Web-based solution provides centralized, remote management of equipment from a central office to encourage safer and more organized traffic flow at all locations. Wireless connectivity and cloud technology make it unnecessary for users to go to the physical sign to change a message, download data, or check on battery status. 



Booth #4726

GAI-Tronics Corporation of Mohnton, Pennsylvania, has designed its RED ALERT Camera Emergency Telephone to incorporate all the features of an emergency phone with a CCTV connection for visual monitoring of the area. Each telephone includes an embedded integral 1/3-inch CCD analog camera for covert surveillance of the immediate area and the telephone user. The camera adjusts to the available lighting for use in most any location, while the telephone provides clear and reliable communications. 

Sony Electronics
Booth #635

The Sony SNC-VM630 camera delivers a new range of features for a high-definition surveillance camera. New from Sony Electronics of Park Ridge, New Jersey, it includes a unique image stabilizer that reduces blurriness caused by shaking or vibrations. The camera is based on IPELA ENGINE EX, Sony’s integrated signal processing system that generates the highest possible picture quality. It offers a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 and improved light sensitivity due to a new Exmor CMOS sensor.

Protection One, Inc.
Booth #1922
Protection One, Inc., of Boynton Beach, Florida, has enhanced its online eSuite end-user portal to help make security programs easier to manage. The PIN management feature allows for users of DMP IP-connected panels to edit user information instantly across multiple sites. The 1View feature delivers alarm video to a user’s smartphone as well as to the central station. It can also deliver non-alarm video of customizable user events. All events are saved on the eSuite portal for one year and all connected cameras are viewable live via the eSuite portal.



Booth #1516

The MorphoAccess SIGMA Series biometric access reader is tailored for both access control and time and attendance application. Made by MorphoTrak of Alexandria, Virginia, it implements no fewer than 20 patents to master biometric identification and delivers features, such as fake finger and face detection, support for contactless technologies, videophone function, and tablet-like user experience. It is completely compatible for legacy Bioscrypt and Morpho customers, and offers new customers the opportunity to upgrade to the new technology. 


S2 Security
Booth #1853

S2 Security of Framingham, Massachusetts, has expanded its VR series with the introduction of the NetVR 100 video server network appliance. The appliance is a scalable solution supporting 480 Mbps network bandwidth, up to 64 IP cameras, and 16 TB of in-box storage. The unit integrates with S2’s other SMS and VMS products and offers a web browser-based user experience and an impressive set of tools, including S2’s unique Forensic Desktop for quickly locating and managing forensic video. 


Booth #1504

The new Advisor security and comfort management platform from Interlogix of Bradenton, Florida, combines advanced life safety and lifestyle functions for home and small business use. Advisor allows users to manage security, lighting, and HVAC on a 7-inch color touchscreen with intuitive controls. The panel also acts as a monitor for security camera systems and can serve as a digital photo display. It can handle a 10,000 square-foot building with hundreds of users and zones.

Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas

Booth #563

Kaba Access Control of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has introduced the Kaba PowerPlex 2000, a self-powered electronic lock that requires no power source. It generates its own power with every turn of the lever. Based on PowerStar technology, its super capacitors hold a full charge for up to 10 weeks with no activity at the lock. It provides exterior access via PIN code while allowing free egress. The lock can be programmed at the keypad, or a computer, using Excel-based software. Locking device options include cylindrical, mortise, and exit trim.



Research Electronics International
Booth #2143
Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, manufactures products that protect against intellectual property theft. The new smaller, lighter ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector locates hidden electronics in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or containers, even when they are turned off. An antenna-mounted line-of-sight display lets the operator focus on the target while sweeping. The ORION 2.4 transmits at 2.4 GHz frequency for detecting small electronics, such as SIM cards and cell phones. It weighs less than 3 pounds and extends to 51 inches. 



Booth #4509

ComNet of Danbury, Connecticut, has expanded its line of wireless Ethernet transmission products. NetWave consists of commercial grade and industrially hardened point-to-point kits, as well as point-to-multipoint models. The NetWave NWK-1, available exclusively as a kit, contains all the components needed to transmit a single Ethernet stream between a remote location and an access point. All NetWave products feature LED arrays that assist installers in aligning antennas for optimal performance. ComNet offers an extensive line of fiber optic video and data transmission equipment.



Booth #963

DSX-AES256 software from Dallas-based DSX Access Systems, Inc., contains government-approved AES-256 bit encryption technology that can be implemented systemwide. Communications to each location can be encrypted with a unique key for that location’s field controllers. The software encrypts communications to all panels in that location without using add-on devices. Because encryption technology is inherent in the software and controllers, implementation is easy. All 1040 Series and 1022 controllers can be flash-upgraded to the AES-256 bit version. 



Axis Communications
Booth #1034

The AXIS Q1931-E Thermal Network Camera by AXIS Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is a bullet-style IP camera made for outdoor installation in harsh environments. The water-, dust-, and vandal-resistant camera is both IP66/NEMA4X and IK10 rated. The camera has Arctic Temperature Control capability that enables reliable start-up in any temperature from –40 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit. Support for in-camera analytics is available through the AXIS Camera Application Platform, and other features include edge storage, motion detection, and a camera tampering alarm. 


Assa Abloy Group
Booth #1034

ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin of Berlin, Connecticut, and SARGENT of New Haven, Connecticut, have introduced HID multiCLASS SE technology to their IP-enabled PoE and WiFi campus access control locks: the Corbin Russwin Access 700 and the SARGENT Passport 1000. The SIO-enabled technology offers multilayered security and simultaneous support for multiple credentials. These locks allow easy transition from magnetic stripe to higher-security credentials and are Seos-enabled for use with NFC-enabled mobile smartphones.

Morse Watchmans
Booth #3901

KeyWatcher Touch from Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, is a scalable solution for safer key control and management. Keys are secured in a tamperproof cabinet that provides a full audit trail. Authorized users view instructions and available keys on the color touchscreen. Illuminated key slots identify the requested key, or the system will locate the key in another unit. Keys can be returned to any unit in the system. It includes USB connectivity, built-in Ethernet, shared database capability, and interoperability with other security systems. 


Booth #1936

Alabama Metal Industries Corporation (AMICO) of Birmingham, Alabama, has introduced the ANC Composite Fence System. The revolutionary barrier does not conduct electricity and is invisible to radar. Available in different thicknesses and openings for specific security needs, it is also nonmagnetic, fire-retardant, and corrosion resistant. The easy-to-install system is ideal for the energy industry, air and marine transportation, and utility substations.


Commend, Inc.
Booth #1689

The VirtuoSIS is a new kind of intercom system from Commend of Salzburg, Austria. The software-based system is based on virtual server technology and provides reliable voice and video connections that are easy to use. It seamlessly networks with existing Commend communication servers, allowing for the connection of thousands of networked systems and even more networked intercom stations. It integrates with a large variety of third-party products, such as access control, video, public address, and PLC systems.

Boon Edam, Inc.
Booth #205

Boon Edam, Inc., of Lillington, North Carolina, has added standard BoonConnect software technology to its Tourlock Security Revolving Door. The software allows facility managers to automate how the door will operate during certain hours and days of the week. Service technicians can set the number of cycles (360-degree rotations) between service calls; check the status of the motor, variable frequency drive, and security sensors; and specify e-mail addresses for alert notifications. BoonConnect also continuously performs a system diagnosis and automatically sends e-mail notifications when malfunctions occur.

Team NiSCA
Booth #572

The new Retransfer Plastic Card Printer (PR-C201) from Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, offers 600 dpi, 24-bit color printing of more than 160 cards per hour. It allows users to print full-color, full-bleed images in color via the retransfer process, which uses dye sublimation to print an image in reverse directly onto the film base. The printer thermally transfers the image and film onto the card surface. The printer is available with an optional encoder, a magnetic stripe encoder, a contact encoder, and/or a contactless encoder. 

Tyco Security Products
(American Dynamics)
Booth #305

American Dynamics of Westford, Massachusetts, has introduced the Illustra 625 PTZ High Performance and High Definition (HD) camera, which is designed for applications where locating, tracking, and zooming in on subject details are critical. The camera is the fastest HD pan-tilt-zoom in the industry and delivers precise pan and tilt control with low latency, delivering the same control precision and accuracy of analog. The speed and the ultra-low latency give security personnel the ability to accurately track subjects in mission-critical applications.

American K-9 Detection Services, LLC (AMK9)
Booth #4035

American K-9 Detection Services, LLC (AMK9), of Lake Mary, Florida, provides contract working dog(CWD) services for federal, civilian, and private entities worldwide. Services include explosives detection, narcotics detection, and patrol and special-purpose K-9 teams. AMK9 CWD teams can also provide disaster relief on humanitarian assignments, conduct special purpose missions, and secure federal buildings and embassies and their assets.

Booth #5101

Avigilon of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, offers HD and HD Dome cameras with its innovative LightCatcher technology to help successfully identify objects of interest in challenging lighting situations, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, parking lots, and alleys. LightCatcher produces significantly more detail in color by increasing the amount of light and detail captured with the camera and decreasing the noise in the image. This combination results in the ability to identify objects of interest more effectively.

Booth #2129

Talk-A-Phone of Niles, Illinois, has introduced its Wall-Mounted Call Box with E-Stop, designed specifically for mass transit applications. Typically used on train platforms, the unit features an emergency trip button, which can be engaged to cut power to the tracks and halt an oncoming train. The call box automatically dials a preprogrammed number connecting the user with an operator for further assistance. The call box also has a new ultra-bright, all-LED blue light that begins flashing when the emergency button is used.

Assa Abloy Group
Booth #127

ASSA ABLOY has expanded its range of Aperio wireless locking solutions with three new products: the HES KS100 Server Cabinet Lock, the AS100 Sensor, and the Securitron R100 Surface Mounted Wireless Reader for glass door applications. Like other Aperio wireless solutions, these products allow users to expand access control quickly, easily, and affordably. Aperio solutions are available from Adams Rite of Phoenix, Arizona; HES, also of Phoenix; Medeco of Salem, Virginia; and SARGENT of New Haven, Connecticut.

Garrett Metal Detectors
Booth #4012

New from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is the CSI Pro metal detector. The crime-scene detector is designed for recovering ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel metallic crime scene evidence, such as bullets, shell casings, weapons, and metallic arson evidence. Waterproof to 10 feet in fresh and saltwater environments, the detector offers multiple features to help identify and separate desired targets from trash targets. It includes headphones, a soft case, and a Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer, a hand-held pinpointer for recovering small metallic evidence.

Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas
Booth #563

The AX.S Series of Embedded Access Control products from Kaba Access Control of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, deliver a new way to manage access control. An embedded access control application on the controller eliminates the need for software and servers, providing Web-based access control that is simple to install and use. Users access system administration, setup, and event viewing via any standard Web browser over an Ethernet network. Designed for smaller businesses, the Access Manager 300 Controller and AD500 Door Unit system delivers access control for up to eight readers.

Southwest Microwave
Booth #1063

The INTREPID MicroWave 330 digital microwave link is a next-generation volumetric perimeter security system for fence lines, open areas, gates, entryways and rooftop applications. Made by Southwest Microwave, LLC, of Tempe, Arizona, the INTREPID has an all-weather digital sensor that offers a 1,500-foot maximum detection range and programming, intrusion detection, and remote management capabilities. The INTREPID sensor suite also features universal set-up software, scalable multi-language system controllers, integrated I/O modules, and a common (10.5 to 60 VDC) input voltage range.

Booth #1845

Brivo of Bethesda, Maryland, has introduced a new user interface for cloud-based access control and video surveillance. The new interface provides a rich user experience that maximizes video and access control management with the convenience of cloud technology. It also features simplified search, providing a comprehensive view of access and video motion events on a timeline display where events are visually represented and prioritized using color coding, intuitive icons, and other visual cues.

Booth #2482

FaceVACS-VideoScan from Cognitec of Dresden, Germany, compares faces to facial image databases and instantly finds known persons of interest. Security staff can track individuals online or receive alerts on mobile devices. The technology can also identify authorized individuals or high-ranking customers in real time. The technology can be used for counting visitors and monitoring movement in time and space. For example, it can send an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area, or measure waiting times to direct traffic.

Tyco - Kantech
Booth #305

INTEVO Compact from Kantech of Brossard, Quebec, Canada, integrates access control, IP video, and intrusion into one powerful platform to deliver a leading-edge security solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. The system is preloaded with Kantech’s EntraPass Corporate Edition software and American Dynamics IP video software, and it includes support for DSC PowerSeries and MAXSYS alarm panel integration. Up to 16 IP cameras can be connected; and the system seamlessly integrates with American Dynamics digital video management systems.

Booth #724

RISK360 from G4S Secure Solutions of Jupiter, Florida, is a customizable incident and case management solution designed to manage risk. Featuring powerful tools to manage and investigate incidents, it is accessible via the Internet and adapts to each environment. The mobile application is a smartphone app that gives security officers the ability to report events as they occur, providing management with the data needed to make informed decisions. It captures incident information; provides notifications, incident review, and case management; analyzes trends; and measures improvement.

Video Insight
Booth #2495

Video Insight is a leading IP video surveillance management software used by customers in the financial, government, retail, education, and transportation sectors. The software, a product of Houston-based Video Insight, is compatible with more than 1,800 camera models and can integrate with the top access control solutions in the market. The system is available as software only or preloaded on a variety of hardware platforms. The plug-and-play systems come tested and ready to install with unlimited technical support and five years of software upgrades.

Alliedbarton Security Services
Booth #1863

AlliedBarton|Answer is a new tailored security program from AlliedBarton Security Services of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Local managers anchor a team of well-trained security officers that monitor and patrol facilities using the most effective methods and technologies. The program allows continuous reporting and evaluation of security program effectiveness to help manage and guide consumer solutions to deliver results and service enhancements when needed.

DRS Technologies
Booth #3619

The WatchMaster IP 6000 Series of thermal imaging cameras from DRS Technologies of Parsippany, New Jersey, expands the variety of thermal IP surveillance cameras available to integrators. These cameras offer more pixels, more contrast, and more features, including 640x480 resolution and image contrast enhancement automatic gain control capability. The IP Elite is a fixed-mount camera, and the IP Ultra offers pan-tilt features. The cameras are designed to be ONVIF Profile S compliant for ease of integration and interoperability.

Samsung Techwin America
Booth #853

The Full HD 20x Zoom Network PTZ Dome Camera (SNP-6200RH) from Samsung Techwin America of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, captures high-definition images in total darkness. This 360-degree pan-tilt-zoom dome comes with 20x optical zoom and focused infrared illumination. Its variable intensity IR illuminators eliminate hotspots in the middle and fringing on the edges of the image. This ONVIF-compliant camera also features wide dynamic range, video analytics, bidirectional audio, and edge recording. It withstands harsh weather and has an IP66 environmental and IK10 vandal-resistant rating.

Tyco Security Products (American Dynamics)
Booth #305

VideoEdge is a powerful video management system from American Dynamics of Westford, Massachusetts. It records and manages video from standard, high-definition, and megapixel cameras. VideoEdge enables multiple video streams for live, recorded, alarm bump, and meta-data collection. Features include POS integration, data visualizer, retail-centric embedded analytics, and dynamic bandwidth management.

Assa Abloy Group
Booth #127

The Ecoflex Lock, available from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin of Berlin, Connecticut, and SARGENT of New Haven, Connecticut, is an innovation in mortise lock technology and ideal for access control applications. The electrified lock can work in conjunction with a wall reader, an integrated hardwired lock, or an integrated battery-powered lock. Ecoflex offers a versatile locking solution, with a common lock for 12- to 24-volt applications that can be field-configured to fail-safe or fail-secure operations.

K2 Solutions, Inc.
Booth #1391

K2 Solutions, Inc., of Southern Pines, North Carolina, offers the services of its Person-Borne Explosive Detection Dogs to track the scent of explosives to its source, scanning up to 150 persons per minute at sporting events, airports, and other public spaces. The canines are trained to quietly trail a person of interest from a distance, allowing security personnel to identify, detain, and search the person without impeding the movement of others. Each dog’s odor response is tailored to a client’s needs, with on- and off-leash search capabilities.

PPM 2000
Booth #919

Perspective by PPM 2000 of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is an end-to-end incident management software solution for responding to, reporting on, and analyzing security events. Users manage dispatches, activities, incidents, and investigations from beginning to end. They can analyze and report across the entire database and make informed decisions that reduce risk, optimize performance, and illustrate the effectiveness of their security operation. Perspective offers mobility, workflow, and dynamic link analysis. It can be configured for a single location, or implemented worldwide, and integrates with PSIM.

Red Hawk Fire & Security

Red Hawk Fire & Security of Boca Raton, Florida, installs, tests, inspects, integrates, services, and monitors a comprehensive range of advanced technologies custom designed for a customer’s specific business needs. The company brings expertise and hands-on experience to every solution. The broad portfolio of life safety and security solutions employ cutting-edge technologies, expert application, design, and advanced systems integration. The company offers flexibility in providing custom solutions and delivers exactly what customers need, exactly when they need it.



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