Accolades Winners Announced

By The Editors
Tuesday, October 12 - 6:20pm

ASIS International has announced the 2010 Accolades award winners. Dallas exhibitors were invited to submit products and services introduced within the past year to a team of judges who evaluated the submissions. The judges, all ASIS members, represented end users as well as experts in security product and service R&D.

Companies were asked to comment on the technology’s value to users, explain its novel features, and describe a specific security problem that would be solved through its application. Each entry was also accompanied by a description of key features or benefits, a data specifications sheet, and appropriate images. If a case study or white paper had been written on the submission, it could be included with the application along with recognition from other sources.

“This year’s program was very competitive, as entrants continue to push the envelope in their respective disciplines,” observed Accolades Co-Chair Ron Lander, CPP. “In particular, video surveillance performance is advancing at a rapid pace, offering enhanced analytics functionality and better resolution.”

Co-Chair Howard Belfor, CPP, noted, “The continued blending of emerging technologies into readily available products and services is striking. The ubiquity of network and IP centric solutions in security is more evident than before.”

Be sure to check out all the Accolades entrants at Booth #4219, for a first-hand look at these innovative products.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (Booth #3351) won with the Cisco IP Interoperability Collaboration System (IPICS) 4. The product is a scalable, comprehensive solution for communications interoperability that streamlines radio dispatch operations and improves response to incidents, emergencies and facility events.

The MiY-ID from Cogent Systems, Inc. (Booth #2651) is also being honored. The product is Cogent’s latest outdoor multipurpose, multifunctional biometric access controlreader. With its ground-breaking “Make it Yours” application development platform, MiY-ID can virtually interface with any PACS and government credentials such as PIV, TWIC, CAC.

At the Cross Match Technologies, Inc. booth (#3940) you can see the winning SEEK II, which captures and matches identities on fingerprints, irises, and facial images. The product can support a database with up to 120,000 biometric identities and can communicate with remote matching databases through WiFi, 3G, and satellite communication.

Dedicated Micros (Booth #821) is being lauded for its Closed IPTV SD Advanced system. The new product is a hybrid DVR/NVR video security system that automatically discovers and assigns IP cameras to network ports. It supports multiple IP and analog video channels, HD IP camera recording, HDMI output, analytics, and help videos.

The winning entry from Firetide (Booth #3824) is the Firetide IVS-100 MIMO. The product is an integrated high performance wireless video surveillance solution that delivers up to 300 Mbps outdoors for real-time, evidence-grade video. The product can be used with high-end pan-tilt-zoom analog or IP cameras, incorporates an encoder with integrated 40 GB storage, and is ideal for outdoor video surveillance applications.

FLIR Systems, Inc. (Booth #3632) is being honored for its ChromaNox Color IP Night Vision security cameras. ChromaNox is an electron multiplied CCD camera that produces high-quality color or monochrome video in lighting conditions from daylight to starlight without the need for additional illumination.

The V2216 Analog/Digital Coexistence VMS by Infinova (Booth # 1447) caught the attention of the judges. The product allows security to migrate to IP video using their present analog control room equipment to manage both the current analog and new digital equipment without retraining. Infinova’sV2216 VMS allows IP and analog cameras and equipment to coexist.

Laipac Technology (Booth #3798) won for its S-911 Bracelet Locator, a powerful multipurpose quad-band bracelet. Its design was based on requirements from law enforcement agencies and health authorities. Its features include voice and data communications, a motion senor, tamper detection, data encryption in a water resistant enclosure, and a built-in LCD display. The Bracelet Locator uses assisted GPS technology for both outdoor and indoor tracking.

Next Level Security Systems (Booth #347) is being lauded for its NLSS Gateway, which correlates information from multiple subsystems—video surveillance, access control, analytics, audio, and intrusion—into a single networked platform. Its features can be accessed and controlled from anywhere through a Web browser. The product includes advanced deployment tools such as auto-discovery, auto-provisioning, and configuration back-up.

VerifiIR from Sarnoff Corporation (Booth #6009) is also an award winner.

The new product facilitates the real-time surveillance of crowds in unstructured environments without the subject’s cooperation or knowledge. It also aids in the detection of body armor and weapons, including a improvised explosive device (IED) carried by a person. VerifiIR can help detect buried materials and IEDs. The all-weather, mobile system eliminates the ghosting effect of fused imagery and can be mounted on vehicles or installed at stationary points.

♦ Photo by ASIS International/Flickr



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