2008 Seminar and Exhibits Product Showcase

LCD Desks

The new Surveillance and Monitoring Desk Systems from Middle Atlantic Products of Fairfield, New Jersey, are designed with flexibility for efficient operation with enhanced comfort and usability for system operators. The new designs include ergonomically contoured edges for desktops and keyboard shelves, increased adjustment capability for up to six LCD screens per desk, and improved keyboard support ergonomics. Attractive and modern, the desk systems feature new color options, including honey maple, dark cherry, and pepperstone. Repositioned cable entry points on the desk surface provide improved cable management with more routing options from the desk to the monitors.

Integrated Security Systems


New York City-based 4D Security was formed to counter the threat of international terrorism by providing a total security solution for businesses and government agencies. Among its past installations around the globe are gateways at New York City airports and sensitive government facilities in the United States and abroad. The company offers state-of-the-art hardware and software to create all-weather perimeter protection systems that detect intrusions on land or at sea. It provides a cohesive system that includes hardware, software, systems integration services, simulations, and testing.


Explosives Detection

Autoclear of Fairfield, New Jersey, presents the Scintrex Trace E4500 advanced trace explosives detector. The desktop unit was developed to detect explosives, such as C4, Semtex, TNT, and TATP. Small, light, and durable, the device can be easily transported. It operates on the principle of GC-Chemiluminescence, so it is self-calibrated and not subject to faulty operator adjustments. The 11-pound unit is rugged for field use and easy to carry in its compact, foam-padded case. It features a simple push-button and automatic operation and the warm-up time is less than twenty minutes.

Security Management

Access Specialties of St. Paul, Minnesota, has announced that its Access Security Integrator, an SQL-based access control and security management system, now integrates with Pelco’s Endura and 8100 series digital video recorders. All Access Security Integrator systems (version 3.4.0 or later) support the new integration. User-definable access control events, such as specific cardholder transactions, alarm types, and conditions, can trigger DVR responses that include video recording, still-image capture, and specific camera presets. Users can call up stored video or image file from within the access control program to compare it against stored photographs within the application. Because links to video clips are stored in the same database, customers can manage both systems on the same workstation.

Access Control

The AC-1700 is the new generation of access control panel from Sielox Access Control of Runnemede, New Jersey. It incorporates cutting edge technology to become a true IP solution supporting power over Ethernet and data transfer rates up to 100 megabits per second. The unit can be deployed as main controller or terminal controller. Implemented as a main controller, the AC-1700 can control up to 16 terminal controllers, including one on-board, and provides regional antipassback functionality and regional input/output linking. Featuring a removable secure digital card, the unit has storage capacity ranging from 128 megabytes to 8 gigabytes for controller database and events storage. Equipped with a Web-based maintenance port, technicians can perform infield diagnostics and updates using a Web browser.


Metal Detectors

The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) announced that Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is an official supplier of metal detectors for the games. The company will provide 1,650 metal detection products, including 550 walk-through and 1,100 hand-held metal detectors for security use. Garrett will provide the equipment, accessories, training, assembly, installation, and servicing. As part of the agreement, Garrett receives exclusive rights in the metal detector product category for the 2010 Winter Games and sponsorship rights for the Canadian Olympic team for Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, and London 2012.

Mobile Incident Alerts

G4S Wackenhut of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida has launched Secure Trax, a state-of-the-art security administration application using PDA units to manage security. The application is a fully integrated security solution built on mobile computing technology. The units provide detailed and reliable incident notification in real time. The technology adds value to facilities and risk management, legal, safety, engineering, and building services by capturing and disseminating vital data. Secure Trax offers real-time incident alerts, e-mail mass notification, incident reporting trend analysis, GPS tracking, tour-watch features, safety inspections, automated check-in and check-out, and cell phone/push-to-talk. It can lead to cost savings by replacing multiple pieces of equipment that have historically functioned as separate and disconnected systems.



ID Printers

Digital Identification Solutions of Greenville, South Carolina, presents the affordable and reliable EDIsecure Professional Line of card printers with options for in-line lamination, Ethernet connectivity, contact chip encoding, and contactless encoder/readers, including MIFARE, DESFire, Prox, and iCLASS. Professional Line printers include the economical XID560ie, the double-side XID570ie, the workhorse XID580ie, and the high-production XID590ie retransfer card printers, plus the resilient DCP360i direct card printer. The company also offers a Value Line of direct card printers, card management software, a complete ID badging and Web-enabled enrollment application, biometric and image capture devices, and enhancement tools.

Video Software

Nexus is a new comprehensive software suite from FLIR Systems, Inc., of Portland, Oregon, that gives security professionals the tools they need to create customizable video and sensor networks quickly and easily. With unprecedented interconnectivity, Nexus lets end users, OEMs, and integrators turn a collection of discrete cameras, sensors, and radars into a seamless network. The software makes FLIR cameras plug-and-play compatible with existing third-party video and enterprise management systems. The company offers comprehensive packages for simple, turnkey end-user installations. Users can display video from thermal or other surveillance cameras on the Nexus console and use built-in tools to add functionality to their systems.

Video Platform

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. of Suffern, New York, has introduced Ocularis, an IP video surveillance management solution with the large-scale functionality of traditional matrix switching systems and the benefits of software-driven management. It controls applications on a single platform, allowing users to identify incidents, notify personnel, and manage responses. The system records all cameras for archival use and employs advanced analytics to detect and filter events. With policy-based “push” video, fewer people are required to monitor live activity, and bandwidth utilization is reduced. Software applications include a virtual matrix and monitoring system; multisite/multiserver network video recording and camera management platforms; graphical user interface with touchscreen map-driven navigation; monitoring and control via standard Internet browser; portable client for remote camera access, monitoring, and control; and content analytics modules.



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