2009 ISC West Showcase

Physical Protection

American Physical Security Group (APSG), a subsidiary of American Defense Systems Inc. (ASDI) of Hicksville, New York, offers products designed to protect citizens, diplomats, and military personnel in government, commercial, and military facilities around the world. Tested and certified by the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Bureau, the products have been designed and engineered for security and precision with cutting-edge laser technology, automated milling, and strict quality control. The Hi-Threat line offers forced entry, bullet- and blast-resistant doors, windows, louvers, and security stations. American Anti Ram products include bollards, crash beams, fencing, gates, and crash-tested vehicle barriers. Booth 25051, Circle 322

Network Camera

The AXIS Q1755 Network Camera from Axis Communications Inc. of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, offers outstanding HDTV in compliance with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standards. The camera supports both H.264 compression and M-JPEG in full frame rate. It includes 10x optical and 12x digital zoom, autofocus, day/night mode, local storage, and power over Ethernet, as well as a built-in slot for an SDHC card. Video intelligence includes video motion detection, audio detection, gatekeeper functionality, and detection of camera tampering attempts such as blocking or spray-painting. It is ideal for securing areas where greater image detail is required. Booth 18051, Circle 323

Green ID Products

The Earth-Friendly family of products from Brady People ID of Burlington, Massachusetts, includes lanyards, badge holders, strap clips, and PVC Cards that are manufactured using environmentally-friendly techniques and materials. Earth-Friendly lanyards are made of bamboo fiber that can achieve natural degradation in the soil and will not cause any environmental pollutants. Manufactured with EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), a material that is fully recyclable, Earth-friendly badge holders and strap clips are durable, RoHS compliant, and available in both vertical and horizontal formats. Corn Cards, Recycled Cards, and Plus-Card Bio are virtually identical to traditional plastic cards and provide all the same printing and personalization options but are biodegradable. Booth 9123, Circle 324

Power Supply

The ReServ1 Video Surveillance UPS is an uninterruptible power supply. New from Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, it provides simultaneous power for 12 VDC and 24 VAC cameras whether or not power is present. Features include eight true sine wave-regulated 24 VAC outputs and four regulated 12 VDC outputs. It is available with blade-type fuses or resettable PTCs. Other features include AC/DC power LED indicators for each output, AC-fail and low-battery supervision, a master power on/off switch, and a built-in charger for sealed lead-acid or gel-type batteries. Switchover to the standby battery is automatic when AC fails. The enclosure accommodates the required two 12 VDC/7AH batteries, and offers 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch combination knockouts. The power supply is covered by the Altronix lifetime warranty. 

Booth 19077, Circle 325

Perimeter Protection

CIAS of Milan, Italy, manufactures perimeter protection devices that satisfy the most demanding security requirements. Its Digital Microwave Barrier (Ermo 482x Pro) with fuzzy-logic analysis can be remotely controlled and tuned. It covers distances up to 500 meters and its internal microprocessor uses fuzzy-logic analysis for high performance. It guarantees a 99 percent probability of detection with a false-alarm rate very close to zero, even under extreme weather conditions. Digital analysis allows the unit to compare the received signals with those generated by an intruder. It also monitors the signal continuously making a complete environmental analysis, which gives the unit significant extra features compared to those using traditional analysis.  Booth 37019, Circle 326

Digital Video Recorder

The Divar XF digital video recorder from Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York, supports both analog cameras and IP video streams. Its hybrid functionality offers users a future-proof investment with a smooth migration path from analog to digital video solutions. It can record video from eight or 16 analog inputs and eight IP cameras or encoders. Supporting real-time 4 CIF performance on all channels, the recorder uses efficient H.264 video compression to deliver high-resolution images while reducing bandwidth and storage costs by up to 30 percent. A scaleable system with up to four terabytes of memory, it uses RAID-4 storage to protect recorded video, even if a hard disk fails.  Booth 18011, Circle 327

Video Multiplexer

Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, doing business as ComNet, has introduced two new four-channel, digital, fiber-optic video transmitters and receivers with bidirectional data transmission for use over multimode or singlemode optical fiber. The all-digital design offers better performance and reliability. As part of the ComNet value philosophy, these digital fiber products are offered at prices comparable to most competitive analog models. The capability to send four channels of video and camera-control data over one fiber for up to 30 miles is a cost-effective and efficient method of video transport. Booth 3123, Circle 328

Delayed Egress Device

The Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction (EExER) Rim Exit Device from Detex of New Braunfels, Texas, is designed for applications requiring delayed egress and remote unlocking, remote dogging, access control, or an automatic door operator. An optional EX Exit Switch may be added for pushpad monitoring or LBM Switch for latch bolt monitoring. The alarm in the remote interface module, with approximately 100 dB, will sound when someone attempts to exit. It will continue to sound, but the door will remain locked for 15 seconds. This deters unauthorized exits and provides the responsible party time to respond.  Booth 20097, Circle 329

Identity Management

Digital Identification Solutions of Stuttgart, Germany, offers IDExpert SmartACT, a complete identity management software solution. Its modular design makes it cost-effective and flexible enough for immediate and future credential management needs. The solution can increase security while lowering costs by automating the administration of user access to multiple systems. Users can easily manage the complete lifecycle of credentials like ID cards, smart cards, USB tokens, NFC-enabled cell phones, and more. It is suitable for any size organization struggling to manage multiple identities.       Booth 19125, Circle 330

Portable Surveillance

Doosan Infracore Portable Power has developed an innovative security solution that allows remote monitoring of outdoor environments at substantially less cost than employing security manpower. The Blackhawk MVS-6 Mobile Video Surveillance System performs as an extra set of eyes to effectively monitor and record images at construction sites, parking lots, event venues, and equipment yards. It uses a self-contained power unit, which employs a standard hybrid power system of solar and diesel technology for six months of uninterrupted operation. Its wireless technology makes remote operation simple yet flexible for any environment. Software connects the user to the system’s day/night imaging camera and a 40-gigabyte DVR. The operator can remotely control the camera’s pan-tilt-zoom functions and access the DVR to review recorded images. Booth 37008, Circle 331

Visitor Management

EasyLobby, Inc., of Needham, Massachusetts, has updated its flagship secure visitor management (SVM) system with new functionality to augment the award-winning features of its previous versions. It was designed using the feedback of thousands of customers across industry segments including corporate, education, healthcare, government, and multitenant property management. The system scans licenses, passports, and business cards and allows importation of lists from any database. It also prints customized badges and tracks visitors, packages, and assets. Easy to install and use, it is available in English, Spanish, French, and German. Booth 37032, Circle 332

Access Control Software

The WinDSX total access control software demo CD from Dallas-based DSX Access Systems, Inc., provides an extensive narrated walkthrough of the WinDSX program. It also serves as a basic administrative training tool for those who already have a WinDSX access control system. Some features are threat-level management, time zones controlled with linking, elevator control interface, digital video recorder interfaces, CCTV control, integral photo ID and badging, LAN/WAN compatibility, smart-card and biometric integration, visitor management, lighting and HVAC control, and time-and-attendance integration. A free copy of the software demo CD is available upon request at under “Requests.” Booth 17125, Circle 333

Access Control

Keyscan Access Control Systems of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, offers access control software and hardware with a balance of powerful features and flexibility combined with ease of use. The company offers efficient system design with two-, four-, and eight-reader access control units as well as one- and two-reader elevator access control units. There is a variety of connectivity options including TCP/IP. The K-WEB software module offers a Web-based system management tool for those requiring Web-based control of the access control system. The system can be expanded seamlessly to protect an enterprise with multiple buildings in multiple cities or states with hundreds of protected doors. Booth 1065, Circle 334

Document Shredder

MBM Corporation of North Charleston, South Carolina, has introduced a new document shredder. The 2604 makes centralized, high-volume shredding easy and convenient. This fast, efficient business machine is available in four shred sizes and, for a limited time, includes a free factory-installed automatic oiler. The automatic oil injection system lubricates the cutting shafts while shredding, ensuring optimum performance while eliminating maintenance. The shredder has a wide, 10 1/4-inch feed opening, a capacity-control indicator to prevent paper jams, and a 26-gallon shred bin. It is equipped with hardened-steel cutting shafts, which are covered by a lifetime warranty. Safety features include the “Easy Switch” multifunction control element and an electronically controlled safety shield. Circle 335

Metal Detector

The PD 6500i walk-through metal detector from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is designed for maximum patron throughput. Now available in a new grey color scheme, this detector features 33 distinct zones to precisely identify multiple target locations. With transmitters and receivers in each panel, the detector scans from both sides, providing superior detection, uniformity, and performance. Easy to assemble, the unit meets TSA, European airports, and other international security requirements. It was recently used to protect patrons during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Booth 16131, Circle 336

Dome Cameras

The ACUIX ES PTZ dome series from Honeywell Security of Louisville, Kentucky, combines industry-leading features with a low-profile design, making it ideal for indoor video surveillance applications. Besides quick and easy installation, it offers an 18X high-resolution, auto-focus color camera. The proprietary technology allows users to remotely upload firmware to all domes and permits secure storage of all camera settings such as labels, presets, tours, and privacy zones. Mounting options include in-ceiling, surface, and pendant mount housing configurations, and the surface mount version can be converted to a pendant mount simply by switching out the top caps.

Booth 14023, Circle 337

Power Supply

The top-selling Series 5025 Power Supply from DynaLock Corporation of Bristol, Connecticut, has been redesigned and upgraded to include a standard emergency release input. The new input accepts a dry contact signal from an external fire alarm system or control switch for emergency shutdown of output power. The cost-effective unit provides a filtered and regulated, field-selectable 12 or 24 VDC output, rated at 1 amp, with a built-in charging circuit for optional back-up batteries. A new, self-resetting primary fuse provides enhanced overload protection. The power supply is UL Listed and carries the exclusive DynaLife lifetime warranty. It’s an ideal power solution for single door electronic locking, access control, and CCTV applications. Booth 14133, Circle 338

High-Performance Cameras

Sarix technology puts the next-generation of video security imaging performance within reach. The Sarix technology platform was created by Pelco of Clovis, California, to set the standard in imaging performance for security professionals. Featuring advanced low-light capabilities, consistent color science, H.264 compression, built-in analytics, and more, the Sarix technology platform is now available in IX Series Mega-Performance cameras. These powerful systems offer high-definition or standard-definition resolution, consistent color science, and unmatched processing power. The technology multiplies and averages light per pixel in order to provide the highest degree of sensitivity. It also produces consistent detailed color across all products for accurate subject tracking. Easy to install and easy to focus, the cameras also feature modern designs to complement new building architecture. Booth 14041, Circle 339

Hybrid Video Recorders

DVR5100 Hybrid Video Recorders from Pelco of Clovis, California, redefine expectations for performance and expandability. Delivering affordable, high-performance, enterprise-class recording, these recorders capture images from analog and IP cameras simultaneously so users can benefit from the lower installation costs and image quality of IP cameras. DVR5100 systems can be used as standalone units or as part of an Endura system for fully distributed unlimited growth. High-quality video is available on as many as 20 combined analog and IP channels. The systems record 600/500 images per second (NTSC/PAL) at 4 CIF resolution on each channel for exceptional detail at frame rates typically only available on much more expensive systems. Booth 14041, Circle 340

Access Control

Open Options Inc. of Carrollton, Texas, has launched DNA Fusion, a complete IP access control solution. The open-integration platform seamlessly connects access control with IP video, visitor management, identity solutions, and critical communication systems. Personnel data can easily be shared across multiple business applications, such as Oracle PeopleSoft or Active Directory, when used in conjunction with OpenDX. Open Options partners with technology leaders and, through existing reseller agreements with Milestone Systems and Stentofon, offers a complete integrated solution from a single source. The system is designed to work with a line of open-standard control panels from Mercury Security. The company will also be introducing a new IP-based door controller that follows the “edge” architecture and supplies power over Ethernet to peripheral devices. Booth 20135, Circle 341

Key Management

KeyWatcher from Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, is a full-featured key management system that provides an integrated access control solution. The modular system offers credit card holders and lockers to secure items that need to be tracked. Access control modules available include the built-in keypad, fingerprint reader, and magnetic stripe or proximity card reader, and the unit can be integrated with other access devices. An illuminated LED display prompts users and provides audit trail data. Fully scalable, the key management system occupies minimal wall space. The Smart Key locking mechanism with built-in memory chip locks each key into place and contains an identifier used by the system to recognize every key inserted or removed from a key slot. Priority e-mail alerts can inform security managers as to the whereabouts of Smart Keys. Booth 15126, Circle 342

Tap Detection

The TALAN Telephone And Line Analyzer from Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, evaluates digital and analog telephone systems (and other wiring) for eavesdropping threats. It offers line nonlinear junction detection (which indicates if any electronics are attached to a wire), digital demodulation (which can indicate if a digital phone system is passing audio when it shouldn’t), frequency domain reflectometer (to check for impedance anomalies or taps), and an automated switching matrix to automate tests on all pair combinations of wires on a telephone line. The device also integrates and automates standard telephone testing equipment such as multimeter tests, audio, spectrum analyzer, and oscilloscope. REI also offers a Technical Surveillance Countermeasure training facility that provides classroom training and hands-on exercises in live project rooms. Booth 38038, Circle 343

Wireless Access Solutions

The SARGENT Profile Series v.S2 is a Wireless (WiFi) extension to an access control system that provides hardware, card reader/keypad, and monitoring capabilities in a single device. New from SARGENT Manufacturing of New Haven, Connecticut, it uses standard wireless technology (802.11b/g) to communicate and provides complete access control features in online and offline operation, including forced-door, unknown-card, and door-held-open real-time alarms. Using WiFi to update the intelligent hardware installed on the door significantly reduces hardware and labor costs, while providing advanced data security with open-standard encryption techniques such as WEP, WPA, and LEAP. Distributed intelligence at each opening maximizes uptime and redundancy. The Profile Series supports HID 125 kHz proximity credentials and has available a keypad option for dual credentialing. Each lock supports 2,000 users and a 10,000-event transaction history. Booth 14065, Circle 344

Video Security

Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, has introduced the Focus Free Intensifier dome (HT7248FFi) and bullet (HTB11FFi) cameras that see color in the dark without IR LEDs. They also offer crystal-clear images from inches to infinity without refocusing the camera. Each camera features a 3-10 millimeter motorized zoom lens that can be adjusted using on-board buttons or remotely through RS-485. The company’s new InPro IP Series Cameras automatically negotiate with the router, receive an IP address, and appear on the Internet within seconds. The installer does not need networking experience to set up these IP cameras. This unique entry-level series is perfect for small business and residential applications. Camera styles include indoor dome, weatherproof bullet, tamperproof/weatherproof dome, and a traditional camera. All InPro cameras feature both network and analog outputs. Booth 18041, Circle 345

ID Printer

Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, has introduced a complete identification card printing solution. The PR-C101 single-side card printer offers brilliant 24-bit color, edge-to-edge dye sublimation printing at 300 dots per inch. The lightweight printer has a small footprint to fit into tight spaces. It includes entry-level badging and design software and uses a disposable (recyclable) ribbon cartridge. Magnetic stripe and contactless smart-card encoding are options. The printer carries a two-year warranty. Booth 3117, Circle 346

Secure IDs

With its speed, quality, and ease of use, the SecureCapture solution from Datacard of Minnetonka, Minnesota, is the right choice for moderate to high-volume image capture in government, education, and corporate environments. The solution includes everything you need to start capturing large volumes of high-resolution images for secure IDs. A high-intensity flash ensures professional quality. It has a simple setup and a sleek, secure tower that protects the camera and flash. The product easily integrates with ID Works identification software for a quick integrated solution. For more information on the SecureCapture solution and other Datacard ID products, visit Booth 10125, Circle 347

Control System

The Andover Continuum system from TAC of Carrollton, Texas, now supports integration with Endura-enabled Pelco DVR5100. Install or upgrade to Andover Continuum version 1.91 and receive the video monitor option that integrates Pelco video for free. The video monitor solution increases alarm response because clearer assessment means improved action. The system enables association of up to 16 cameras with any alarm, allowing thousands of cameras to be linked to the access control and intrusion points. On an Andover Continuum alarm, PTZ dome presets can be called and video can pop-up instantly with associated personnel records and doors events. These details are presented together with both live and playback video. With the list of supported Pelco DVRs now including the Pelco Endura-enabled DVR5100, there is an Andover Continuum-Pelco integration solution for every installation. Booth 36040, Circle 348

Access Control

Vicon of Hauppauge, New York, has introduced the Vicon SMS Access Control management solution, a complete, IP-based physical security system designed for integration with ViconNet digital video management. Access control events are automatically linked to ViconNet video and may be called up and viewed from within the Vicon SMS interface. A standard Web browser interface makes it easy to access the system from anywhere. The solution supports all standard access control functions, including event and alarm monitoring, badging, VoIP, and more. Combined with ViconNet, it offers a powerful, fully scalable, complete security solution.

Booth 16055, Circle 349

Integrated Security

Join Anixter of Glenview, Illinois, for an educational day of seminars and demonstrations. Walk through a real-world scenario of a company transitioning to an open-architecture IP access control and video surveillance solution. Learn about the cost savings associated with IP-based applications, including return on investment and total cost of ownership. Industry experts will explain network cabling infrastructure and wireless mesh technology, network camera technology (including megapixel cameras), network bandwidth concerns, video management systems, video analytics technology, and IP-based access control. Don’t miss this practical demonstration of an IP security system being built from the ground up. Visit to register for a seminar sponsored by Axis Communications, CommScope, Firetide, OnSSI, and S2 Security in several cities across the United States. Booth 25069, Circle 350

Mass Notification

Talk-A-Phone Company of Niles, Illinois, offers the Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS), a family of mass notification devices that can be integrated into a comprehensive emergency communication system for multiple locations. WEBS units can be situated in a variety of mounts and locations. Towers and wall-mounted units can be directly integrated with emergency phones, providing two-way communication between security and end users. Indoor and outdoor paging units can augment towers and wall-mounts or they can be installed separately. WEBS models can be converted to wireless and can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and strobe lights. Booth 23117, Circle 351





Air Monitoring

The SABRE CENTURION II is a continuous air monitoring system designed by Smiths Detection of Pine Brook, New Jersey, to detect and identify a wide range of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). Its primary application is to alarm upon detection of a programmed substance that is introduced into a building’s HVAC system, public transportation system, or other areas where the public may gather. On alarm, the system can notify users via standard DC outputs about the threat detected and simultaneously control air-handling systems, aiming to contain the spread of the substance. The range of detectable substances in the software library is adaptable as new threats emerge and can be customized to meet specific needs. It can be fully integrated into existing or new security systems. Booth 37016, Circle 352

Barrier Turnstile

The new ES880 Glass Barrier Turnstile from Designed Security, Inc., (DSI) of Bastrop, Texas, provides a visual and physical barrier that starts 4 inches from the floor and can be configured to be as high as 6 feet 8 inches. Designed for use in building lobbies that require high security but where aesthetics are a priority, it can monitor traffic flow of 30 to 45 people per minute per lane and integrates with any access control system. The turnstile is available with custom glass etching, and it doesn’t need programming. It has an optional “hard-lock” barrier for after-hours operation to reduce the number of personnel needed to monitor a building’s entry/exit points. Visit or call 1-800/272-3555 for more information. Booth 20097, Circle 353



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