21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention

By Randall I. Atlas; Reviewed by Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP
***** 21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention. By Randall I. Atlas; published by CRC Press; available from ASIS, item #1799, 703/519-5200 (phone), (Web); 546 pages; $89 (ASIS members), $99 (nonmembers).
Author Randall Atlas writes that his latest book examines “architectural surety from the perspective of risk analysis and premises liability.” He notes that while security professionals manage risk and liability every day, these tasks would be simpler if physical structures were designed with those concepts in mind, which can be achieved using crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).
In most cases, security managers must play catch-up by implementing security measures that could have been built into—or obviated by—the original design of a building. Just as bad, as Atlas points out, is when architects or builders create structures with the wrong security and CPTED elements, like costly bulletproof glass and other features more appropriate for U.S. government buildings in hostile areas.
Atlas covers not only the buildings themselves but site selection, landscape, and parking. He also discusses the design of schools, whole communities, and even ways to design violence out of the workplace.
Readers will discover many resources in this book that can be applied to their own future building design solutions. An astute security manager who reads this book will gain knowledge that can help him or her provide valuable input into selecting locations, recommending an architect, or keeping security in mind during the design process.
Though written primarily for architects, the general security audience can also benefit from the relevant, timely lessons provided in this book, which is easy to read, understand, and apply. This book would also be an interesting read for students and for those who want to learn about a career in security or to improve on their current skills.

Reviewer: Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP (Industrial Security Professional), is the owner of Red Bike Publishing and previously worked as a corporate facility security officer for a U.S. Department of Defense contractor. He is the author of ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual. He is a member of ASIS International.




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