9/11 Commission

Two new reports from the 9/11 Commission examine the progress made on the commision's 41 recommendations.


Progress report on 9/11 commission report recommendations.

I am a student member of ASIS currently doing doctoral research on the management of terrorist risk in the private sector. The purpose is to obtain empirical evidence on the state of readiness of the private sector and to test two hypotheses on reasons for the lack of preparedness. In order to obtain a valid study I am seeking ASIS security professionals in major companies to take part in the study by way of a short on-line survey. This study is approved by the University of Phoenix and will serve interests in government and the private sector. The results will be submitted to the ASIS magazine for publication. Survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the study. This is important research conducted over the last two years and should be supported.If interested please contact me at
Errol Samuels


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