A Complete Guide to Premises Security Litigation

By Alan Kaminsky

***** A Complete Guide to Premises Security Litigation, Third Edition. By Alan Kaminsky; published by the American Bar Association, (Web); 380 pages; $129.99.
As one would gather from its title, this book is no steamy page-turner. It’s simply a guide, but it’s an excellent one, covering just about every aspect of litigation involving premises security, including suggestions for avoiding such claims altogether.
It addresses the gamut of property types, from hotels and motels to the area encompassing bank ATMs. Author Alan Kaminsky shares strategies for investigative techniques to help ensure that an organization’s actions will not have a negative impact on a case. A detailed chapter by contributing author Paul Bottari examines the issue of psychological and emotional injuries. The book goes on to address factors related to trials, such as jury selection, use of expert witnesses, and jurors’ perceptions.
Next comes a case study in which Kaminsky examines the major points in a multimillion dollar premises security lawsuit. Finally, the text provides a state-by-state list of pertinent topical court decisions along with an analysis relative to the subject.
All in all this is a well-written, well-documented work. Indeed, if a reader’s organization is ever sued based on premises security—something most of us have or will likely experience in our careers—the first move after contacting the corporate counsel’s office would be to remove this book from the shelf and start checking the lists of dos and don’ts.

Reviewer: Thomas W. Leo, CPP, is a lifetime member of ASIS and a lifetime CPP. He has served six years on the ASIS Board of Directors, six years on its Professional Certification Board, two years on the Item Development Group, and several years on other committees and councils. He has served as an assistant regional vice president and is a member of the Delaware Chapter.



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