Access Emergency

By Tom Chronister, CPP

Quick, Reliable Access a Necessity

If you have not thought about emergency access to gated properties or for electromechanical entry doors to apartment buildings for your customers, now is the time to start. The number of gated systems will surely increase as people now feel more vulnerable and reconsider the priorities of safety and security at their homes and workplaces. Without proper emergency access controls in place, public and private responder response times are unnecessarily lengthened due to the blockade posed by improperly equipped electromechanical gates or doors.

Working on independent solutions on individual electric gates will only complicate the issue. In doing so, every response agency will be responsible for even more pass codes, keys, access cards, or transmitters. Some fire engine visors are already covered with myriad of transmitters and their key rings can’t get much bigger. And who will have to replace these access devices if they are lost or stolen?

You are the security expert! There are simpler technologies that guarantee reliable emergency access through electromechanical gates and entry doors. Examine the options and work with your local jurisdictions to develop a comprehensive, holistic approach if none exists.

Some people may not see the benefits of quick, simple, and reliable access to gated facilities, but the safety of your customers—and your staff—depends on it.

Tom Chronister, CPP, is a commander with the Oxnard (CA) Police Department.



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