An App Approach to Crime

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

In the future, Rambo says that use of the app may be expanded to include functionality during overseas and other long-distance student travel. All students at Susquehanna are required to have a cross-cultural experience, which usually consists of out-of-country trips. “Some of our staff, when they’ve gone overseas, they’ve activated it for us to make sure it works. We’re looking at how we are going to respond to it if students need assistance overseas. We’re working on those protocols now,” he explains.

Since the app went campuswide, Rambo says there has been no misuse of the service. “We’ve had a few activations for minor incidents and for hazardous conditions that needed attention. And it has helped RAs send in information on student conduct. They also used it during Hurricane Sandy to report weather-related conditions.”

Rambo recommends the product. “If other institutions feel it is the right fit for their area, I would encourage them to get it.”

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