ASIS Product Showcase Wrap Up

Security Software
Software House (Tyco)
Circle #1215

C-CURE 9000 Enterprise from Software House of Westford, Massachusetts, provides an advanced distributed architecture for enterprise scalability that is ideal for global, multilocation organizations as well as entities with a few local sites. The software gives security personnel and IT managers control over the entire system for centralized configuration and monitoring, while each local facility maintains independent control of its own operation. It also allows users to simultaneously monitor alarms from multiple facilities from one convenient workstation.



Shelter System
Circle #1217

SAIC of McLean, Virginia, has introduced its Expandable Shelter System, a modular platform that is completely self-sufficient with a generator and environmental control unit, as well as power connections and cables for operating from commercial power. It can be deployed from shipping configuration to operational configuration in 30 minutes by three trained personnel and can be joined to increase square footage. Ideal for mobile labs and analysis units, command centers, and medical units, it is easily transported via flatbed truck, railcar, cargo plane, or helicopter.

Circle #1218

Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation has introduced Slat-Wall consoles that feature a 15-inch-tall slat wall for mounting monitors and other accessories. With several monitor mounts to choose from, the consoles provide multiple ways to configure and adjust monitors. Made of high-quality extruded 6105-T5 aluminum with a smooth, black, anodized finish, the Slat-Wall panels also add privacy to each operator’s workspace. The modular, expandable units are built on the same foundation as the company’s award-winning Sight-Line consoles.

Security Insurance
Brownyard Group
Circle #1219

The Brownyard Group of Bay Shore, New York, provides insurance and risk management for the security industry. Brownyard features a preferred “admitted” market for security firms, complete coverage, and in-house claim services. Among the coverages offered are general liability, professional liability, umbrella liability, workers’ compensation, first- and third-party dishonesty, business auto, commercial property, and more. The Brownyard Educational Center offers training and education for security professionals, including premium reduction through risk management credits.

Guard Services
Circle #1220

AlliedBarton Security Services of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, provides highly-trained, responsive security personnel. Client-focused security officers and managers located across the country are supported by national resources developed from more than 50 years of security experience. More than 50,000 employees and 100 offices provide security for clients in many industries. The company’s focus on leadership and human capital management fosters a culture of quality and continuous customer satisfaction.

Security Management System
Circle #1221

Raytheon of Waltham, Massachusetts, has introduced Clear View Security Solutions, a comprehensive security management system. Using open architecture and industry-standard interfaces, it connects various sensors and support systems, enabling rapid situational awareness, accurate threat assessment, and effective response management. It integrates data from multiple systems into one common operating picture to provide tracking and correlation capabilities. It maintains target tracks as they unfold across different sensors and fields of view. Multisensor correlation automatically connects events from dissimilar sensors into a single event and a common database.

DRS Technologies
Circle #1222

DRS Technologies of Vienna, Virginia, has introduced the WatchMaster Pro+, which operates in the mid-wavelength infrared spectrum. It generates a sharp image of 640 x 480 pixels, with a lens that focuses automatically. The thermal lens provides both wide-area coverage and close-up assessment of distant targets. The long-life cryogenic cooler produces less friction, vibration, and noise than other coolers. Backed by a two-year warranty, the system offers low total cost of ownership. The sealed and pressurized camera enclosures, stainless-steel hardware, and aluminum housings protect against the environment.

Visitor Management
Circle #1223

EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management from EasyLobby, Inc., of Needham, Massachusetts, automates the entire process of registering a visitor and printing a badge. Users capture detailed visitor information in seconds from a license, passport, or business card, keeping all information confidential. The system provides enterprise-class visitor monitoring, tracking, reporting, badge printing, Web-based preregistration of guests by employees, and access control integration. The affordable software is feature-rich, customizable, and easy to use to analyze visitor data and run queries and reports.





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