ASIS Product Showcase Wrap Up

Card Printer
Team NiSCA
Cirlce #1232

The NiSCA PR5360LE Plastic Card Printer offers full-color, edge-to-edge printing of up to 164 cards per hour using 300-dpi dye-sublimation printing technology. Its mean time between failures is 100,000 cards. Made by Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, the professional single-sided printer offers modules for providing HID proximity, iCLASS, MIFARE, Legic, DESFire, magnetic-stripe, and contact and contactless IC encoding. The unit features a quick-change ribbon cassette and a password-protected driver. A laminator is also available for the printer.


Security Door
Boon Edam
Circle #1223

The Tourlock Security Revolving Door from Boon Edam of Lillington, North Carolina, offers maximum entrance control with high throughput. The overhead sensor system allows only authorized users to enter the building via the rotating compartments, eliminating tailgating. Visual and sound prompts help patrons use the door. An optional StereoVision System can detect attempts to have two people enter in the same compartment. Compatible with any access control system, it comes in three-wing and four-wing configurations, as well as a special, one-way-only model.


Door controller
Circle #1234

Brivo Systems of Bethesda, Maryland, has introduced a native Ethernet access control panel in a new compact form. The IP Door Controller is supported by ACS WebService and ACS OnSite Aparato systems and provides real-time control over assets with either cloud or appliance technology. The dual door controller is small enough to be installed at the door. It works with standard Weigand readers and uses power over Ethernet. When used with Aparato, it delivers FIPS 140-2 encryption.




Metal Detector
Garrett Metal Detectors
Circle #1235

Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, has introduced the Garrett Super Scanner V hand-held security metal detector, which includes both audible and vibrating alarm options as well as extended battery life. It offers outstanding performance stability and sensitivity in detecting even small metallic objects. Digital circuitry allows instant operation with no operator adjustment required. It detects ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless-steel weapons and other metallic objects. In silent vibrating mode, the unit displays a red LED when an object is detected.

IP Video
Circle #1236

Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, offers an end-to-end IP security portfolio that includes high-definition cameras, digital and networked video recorders, encoders, decoders, matrix switching systems, and keyboards. It leverages existing systems by letting users integrate traditional analog components with the latest digital and IP technology. The system offers users the flexibility to add one camera or thousands at a time, and they can operate from a single client workstation or expand to multiple workstations and servers.


Vehicle Screening
American Science & Engineering
Circle #1237

The Z Portal system from American Science & Engineering of Billerica, Massachusetts, is a high-throughput, drive-through screening system designed to generate multiple images for superior detection of contraband, stowaways, and security threats. Z Backscatter imaging modules offer comprehensive views of three sides of the vehicle under inspection. The technology is ideal for organic material discrimination, such as drugs, explosives, cigarettes, alcohol, and humans. Optional top-down transmission and Forwardscatter technology provide enhanced metallic detection in vehicles. The system is safe for drivers, operators, cargo, and the environment.

Hybrid DVR
Speco Technologies
Circle #1238

The DVRPC16T is a true hybrid DVR from Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York. It provides dual network cards and IP camera support for most popular brands, including those with megapixel resolution. The DVRPC16T Server features analytics that can indentify missing or suspicious objects, as well as objects that have entered or left a scene and from which direction. The Face Finder detects and captures a human face from video and archives it for future reference. Cloud archiving allows a user to pull data off the DVR’s database from a remote location.

Access Control
Circle #1239

Keyscan Access Control Systems of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, has introduced AURORA access control software, which delivers new features, enhanced integration, communications, and more powerful functions. It intuitively organizes access control functions and can be easily optimized to secure two doors or hundreds of doors at single or multiple sites. It contains standard access control software functions plus multithreaded communications, multiple credentials, a multiple-image database, unlimited data fields, superior mapping, and increased grouping functionality.


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