ASIS Product Showcase Wrap Up

High-Definition Cameras
American Dynamics (Tyco)
Circle #1240

American Dynamics of Boca Raton, Florida, offers the new Illustra 600 Series HD IP cameras, which provide great flexibility with high-definition images. Offering superior resolution and low-light performance to 0.02 lux and lower, the ONVIF-compliant cameras also manage challenging camera views with a wide-angle Theia lens and facial enhancement for clear facial images with low bandwidth usage and storage costs. The outdoor mini-dome model features a built-in heater to prevent condensation and an IP67 rating for extreme environmental conditions.


Emergency Phones
Circle #1241

Talk-A-Phone Co. of Niles, Illinois, has introduced native VoIP 500 Series Emergency Phones that can be connected directly to existing routers and LAN infrastructure. The new unit can replace a 400 Series analog phone, and custom faceplates are available for replacement of other manufacturers’ analog phones. A built-in Layer 2 switch allows other IP devices to be connected directly into the phone, and phones can be paged at high volume with WEBS Contact mass notification software, enabling targeted alerts to any segment of a facility.


Secure Walls
Circle #1242

Alabama Metal Industries Corporation (AMICO) of Birmingham, Alabama, has developed a solution for preventing break-ins through walls, ceilings, and floors. The company’s Security Mesh is installed with patented Secura Clips to metal or wood studs in the walls. The carbon- or stainless-steel mesh panels are covered with drywall. The company also offers Super Max Security Mesh for industrial and homeland security applications. Super Max is made from ASM .75-9F heavy modified steel.


Incident Management
iView Systems
Circle #1243

The iTrak Incident Reporting and Management System from iView Systems of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, offers an integrated and converged physical security information management (PSIM) solution for security, surveillance, and loss prevention environments. It features detailed case management, mechanisms to control losses, customizable notifications and workflows, as well as advanced statistics and metrics. Users can track relationships between people and events, see a complete overview of stakeholders and their level of involvement, and access historical data to view prior events and incidents.

Configured Video
Circle #1244

Vicon of Hauppauge, New York, now offers the convenience of factory-direct preconfiguration of network system components prior to shipment, reducing installation time and associated costs. Services are available for network cameras, encoders, NVRs, DVRs, workstations, and Virtual Matrix Controllers and include the configuration of network settings, camera titles, recording, and preregistration of all software licenses specific to the needs of the customer. A complete, component-specific explanation of services provided through preconfiguration is available on Vicon’s Web site at


Network Cameras
Axis Communications
Circle #1245

The AXIS Q1602/-E Network Cameras from Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, offer advanced solutions for indoor and outdoor surveillance in low-light conditions. They employ Lightfinder technology to maintain color images in very dark conditions. Indoor and outdoor models deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously. They feature day and night functionality, varifocal lens, remote back focus, and support for two-way audio. The IP66-rated outdoor model comes with a wall-mount bracket and a sunshield and operates in temperatures from -40 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Card Printer
Circle #1246

The Datacard CD800 card printer delivers high volumes of vibrant ID cards with exceptional print resolution for sharper text, 2D bar codes, and complex characters. New from Datacard Group of Minnetonka, Minnesota, the printer is also easy to set up and easy to use. It is ENERGY STAR-qualified with features like biodegradable supply cores and recyclable parts and packaging. The modular design allows the unit to be upgraded in the field.


Security Education
American Military University
Circle #1247

American Military University of Charles Town, West Virginia, offers online security management programs in various aspects of security, from homeland security and disaster management to intelligence studies. Courses are taught by professionals with real-world experience. The university is fully accredited with more than 90,000 students from both the military and civilian sectors in more than 100 countries. Students choose from more than 150 degree and certificate programs. Online classes begin monthly and last eight to 16 weeks.

Security Platform
Circle #1248

The new version of Security Center from Genetec of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a unified security platform that can seamlessly blend IP license-plate recognition, video surveillance, and access control systems. New features in version 5.0 include unified configuration, next-generation video engine, local camera caching and buffering, and all-frame video playback. The Security Center Software Development Kit has been augmented with embedded video functionality to provide developers with a single kit for access control, video, and license-plate recognition.

Video Management
Circle #1249

Prism is an open IP video management solution from Lenel Systems International of Pittsford, New York. Based on an operator-friendly user interface, the scalable solution allows users to efficiently manage surveillance. A valuable investigative tool, combining live and recorded video in a single view, the Evidence Locker consolidates multiple sources for managing and reporting incidents, and Film Strip mode allows time- and event-based browsing of recorded video. The solution serves as a bridge to IP surveillance, enabling Interlogix TruVision appliance-based storage and third-party camera integration.


Wireless Alarm System
Digital Security Controls (Tyco)
Circle #1250

IMPASSA from Digital Security Controls (DSC) of Concord, Ontario, Canada, is a full-featured wireless alarm system that offers a range of communications and installation options. Its integrated communicator ensures high-speed, reliable, and secure alarm communications in a range of configurations such as 3G cellular network, IP network, dual-path using both, or POTS telephone network. It also delivers two-way audio alarm communication between the central monitoring station and the customer during alarm events.


Intrusion Detection
Circle #1251

Murena PLUS is a remotely controlled digital microwave transceiver from CIAS Labs of Milan, Italy. Based on “fuzzy logic” analysis, the unit generates two different Doppler frequencies allowing the sensor to detect changes in the signals, which vary depending on the position of the target. It can determine the distance, size, and direction of an intruder. Murena is easy to use in civilian, commercial, and industrial applications. Its two different ranges (40 and 80 feet) can be controlled and managed remotely via WAVE-TEST software.


Glass Turnstile
Designed Security, Inc. (DSI)
Circle #1252


The Invisigate Glass Barrier Turnstile from Designed Security, Inc., of Bastrop, Texas, provides a visual and physical barrier that starts four inches from the floor and can be configured as high as six feet. The turnstile monitors 30 to 45 people per minute per lane, and can be integrated with any access control system. It can also be configured with optional Iris on the Move technology from SRI International Sarnoff of Menlo Park, California, which offers iris readers that have a long read range for less-intrusive scanning.


Wireless Lock
Circle #1253

The Onity Wireless Lock (OWL) from Onity of Duluth, Georgia, offers decision making at the lock. Because it employs standalone power and an intelligent on-board internal database, the system can accommodate up to 5,000 cardholders. It continues to operate, granting or denying access, even when power and network connectivity are lost. Having the controller technology built into the lock creates a smart, inexpensive solution to door wiring and network infrastructure. The network and door architecture are economical and reliable.



Camera Access
Moog Videolarm
Circle #1254

It’s easy to service cameras from high altitudes with the CamEvator from Moog Videolarm of Decatur, Georgia. The automated lowering arm eliminates the need for lift trucks and cranks allowing a single operator to quickly, efficiently, and safely perform routine maintenance on surveillance camera systems. It features a self-encased motorized drive, an embedded cabling system, a self aligning docking feature, system auto-diagnosis LED indicators, an aluminum alloy body, a stainless steel operating mechanism, over-current protection, and secure (keyed) operational access.




Metal Detector
Booth #1431

Compliant with National Institute of Justice Standard 0601.02, the Metor 6S walk-through metal detector from Rapiscan Systems of Hawthorne, California, increases safety in prisons by efficiently detecting small metal objects that can be used as weapons or for weapon construction, even when hidden in body cavities. It can also be used in manufacturing and distribution facilities to deter employee theft. The state-of-the-art metal detector finds small ferrous and nonferrous items, including razor blade pieces, metal shanks, keys, detonator caps, jewelry, coins, and microprocessor chips.


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