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Door control
Open Options
Booth #909
Open Options, Inc., of Carrollton, Texas, offers the DController, a compact, IP-based, intelligent door controller designed to quickly and easily add doors to your access control system using standard network infrastructure. It supports class 3 power over Ethernet to power the device and other peripheral devices at the door such as motion detectors and locking devices. The controller communicates with DNA Fusion access control software over a standard network, eliminating wiring to every door. Each unit connects to the network via RJ45 connection and has built-in support for two readers, two supervised inputs, and two output relays. An extended version provides support for up to 16 network door modules and a limited number of traditional RS-485 I/O panels.

Video-Verified Alarms
Booth #1709
Stanley Security Solutions of Naperville, Illinois, has launched eVideo Alarm Verification, which uses revolutionary Videofied technology to provide a completely wireless and battery-operated alarm system that delivers high apprehensions, low false alarms, and priority response. The Videofied wireless and cellular technology, with extended battery capability (up to 4 years), provides indoor and outdoor security and is especially suited for securing remote construction sites, protecting vacant buildings, and guarding fenced lots and rooftop HVAC systems. Real-time online, 24/7 viewing of alarm and video activity is delivered by Stanley’s eServices.

Situational Awareness
Booth #1646
Inovonics Wireless Corporation of Louisville, Colorado, announces a situational awareness system featuring the company’s latest positioning technology. The system provides detailed location information for tracking mobile devices and pinpointing duress alarm locations. It is the first of its kind to offer location capabilities for life safety applications in the security market. The new offering also allows end users to monitor a variety of endpoints and interface to fire and access control systems with instant notification to mobile devices such as cell phones, pagers, and two-way radios.

Plastic Card Printers
Team NiSCA
Booth #1851
NiSCA Plastic Card Printers have the best mean time between failures in the industry. Made by Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, they produce high-quality images with direct-to-card 24-bit color and 256-grayscale. Options include smart card contact IC and contactless memory encoders, laminators, and leading security holography and security inks. All NiSCA Plastic Card Printers are now MAC-compatible. The PR5350 card printer offers dual-sided edge-to-edge printing of more than 164 cards per hour. The PR-C101 has a small footprint and produces single-sided cards. The PR5302 Heat Roller offers high-speed lamination, with configurations for single or dual lamination.

Access Control
Adams Rite
Booth #301
Adams Rite of Pomona, California, has added a contactless proximity reader into its eForce platform. The eForce Prox and eForce iCLASS proximity card readers control access with the company’s deadbolts, deadlatches, and exit devices. Card presentation is confirmed with an audible beep and visual change in the red/green LED indicator, which displays the locked/unlocked status. Supporting HID 125 KHz (eForce Prox) or 13.56 MHz (eForce iCLASS) credentials, the reader interfaces with any Wiegand-compatible access control system. It is ideal for retrofits because of its simple, no-cut installation, and it is compatible with aluminum, steel, and wooden doors that range from 1¾ to 2¼ inches thick.

Secure Walls
Booth #1938
Alabama Metal Industries Corporation (AMICO) of Birmingham, Alabama, has developed a solution for preventing break-ins through interior walls, ceilings, and floors. The company’s Security Mesh is installed with patented Secura Clips to metal or wood studs in the walls. The carbon- or stainless-steel mesh panels are covered with drywall. The company has also developed a Super Max Security Mesh for industrial and homeland security applications. Super Max is made from ASM .75-9F heavy modified steel, which is approximately 35 percent heavier than the previous maximum security mesh.

Security Management
Booth #2122
Diebold, Incorporated, of North Canton, Ohio, works with customers to achieve architectural and operational balance in security systems integration. The company integrates legacy solutions with the latest technology to arrive at effective security and life safety programs. The company provides custom systems integration, access control, intrusion detection, surveillance, system design, project management, preventive maintenance, technical and software support, and advanced monitoring services. Diebold’s full scope of security solutions and services combine with its experience in creating solutions for complex environments to understand and fulfill unique customer requirements.

Portable Surveillance
Doosan Portable Power
Booth #141
The Blackhawk MVS6 mobile video surveillance system from Doosan Portable Power of Statesville, North Carolina, allows remote monitoring of outdoor areas at substantially less cost than employing security manpower. The system employs a hybrid power system of solar and diesel technology, providing up to six months of uninterrupted operation. The 85-watt solar power array continuously charges the system’s three batteries. A 6-kilowatt generator provides power to auxiliary outlets and a standard lighting feature. Software connects the user to the system’s day/night imaging camera and a 40-gigabyte DVR via wireless connection. The operator can remotely control the pan-tilt-zoom camera functions and review recorded images over three communication connection options (WiFi radio, hardwire Ethernet, and cellular).

Lobby Access Control
Booth #3479
The Speedlane 300 optical turnstile from Boon Edam, Inc., of Lillington, North Carolina, guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions with sleek, contemporary styling. Each lane has a capacity of 25 to 30 persons per minute in one direction, depending on the access control system used. The illuminated angel-wing pivoting barriers use low-energy LED lights to indicate the operating mode of the turnstile, turning green when the product is free for use. The color changes according to authorization, tailgating, piggybacking, closing, and unauthorized use. The turnstile’s neutral stainless steel finish complements most building interiors.

Security Education
American Military University
Booth #3490
American Military University (AMU) offers online security management programs in various aspects of security—from access control to terrorism. Field work in the areas of executive protection and recovery, trade secret protection, background investigations, surveillance, IT security, and cybersecurity are among the career choices available to graduates. From local business to international consulting opportunities, security management is one of the fastest growing fields today. AMU offers more than 100 online degree programs and certificates including Security Management, Information Technology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency and Disaster Management. Courses are entirely online and start monthly with 8- and 16-week classes available in many programs.

Video Platform
Booth #3441
An open network video platform, Control Center 4.6 network video management software offers high-definition stream management and expanded support for third-party cameras including ONVIF-certified cameras and analytics software from vendors including SightLogix and VideoIQ. Avigilon of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has added new features, including an enhanced audit trail, advanced HD-video management, an expanded mapping interface, and streamlined alarm management. Its powerful and intuitive user interface lets users evaluate and respond to events quickly, efficiently, and easily. The software ensures that the best evidence is preserved for full situational awareness and detail, leading to faster response times and greater investigative success. Avigilon Control Center earned the Frost & Sullivan Global Video Surveillance New Product Innovation of the Year award in 2010.

Access Control
Booth #3417
Brivo Systems of Bethesda, Maryland, has introduced the ACS OnSite Aparato Physical Access Control System, a full-featured, appliance-based access control platform with built-in security features. It employs a fully secure trusted platform module (TPM) that is compliant with ISO standard 11889 and fully encrypts system data. The TPM protects data from software attacks and physical theft, guards against unauthorized modification of application software, provides tamper detection, and simplifies software upgrades by eliminating tokens and other peripheral security measures. The system is on the U.S. General Services Administration’s FIPS 201 Approved Product List in the Caching Status Proxy category. It is integrated with Codebench’s PIVCheck Plus and Certificate Manager products, enabling solutions in full compliance with HSPD-12 and FIPS 201.

Emergency Phones
Booth #615
Talk-A-Phone Co. of Niles, Illinois has introduced Native VoIP 500 Series Emergency Phones that can be connected directly into existing routers and LAN infrastructure. The new unit can replace a Talk-A-Phone 400 Series analog phone, and custom faceplate sizes are available for replacement of other manufacturers’ analog phones. A built-in Layer 2 switch allows other IP devices to be connected directly into the phone, further enhancing IP integration options. The phones can be paged at high volume with WEBS Contact mass notification software, allowing emergency personnel to issue targeted alerts to any segment of a facility. The software automatically tests and verifies connectivity of VoIP 500 Series phones and sends email alerts on failure detection.

Smart Credential
Ingersoll Rand/Schlage
Booth #2333
Ingersoll Rand of Carmel, Indiana, has announced its newest Schlage contactless smart credential, built on MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology. The new credential is encrypted with AES 128-bit diversified keys and includes mutual authentication and message authentication coding (MAC) to ensure that data is safe. Designed on an open architecture platform, the new credential complies with ISO 14443 standards. It provides an extremely rapid data transfer rate, up to 32 times faster than many smart credentials already on the market. Memory options of two, four, and eight [kilobytes] (I’d just use “KB”) enable users to choose the right solution for their needs. The flexible design supports diverse applications ranging from biometrics to cashless vending and transit passes.

Intelligent Locks
Booth #3148
INTELLIKEY Corporation of West Melbourne, Florida, is a full-service security technology firm that develops software, hardware, and mechanical solutions with innovative designs. In addition to state-of-the-art, stand-alone, retrofitable electronics, the company has introduced the Freedom Online System. This enhances the company’s ACS-4000 access control product line. Customers can choose from Wi-Fi or Ethernet, battery-powered or power supply, and online or standalone models, while standalone and online doors can be combined in the same system.



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