The Biometric Devil's in the Details

By Ben Rothke CISSP, QSA, and Benjamin Tomhave, MS, CISSP

Not Silver Bullets

The efficacy of biometric controls is tied to how effectively the solution is deployed. It is important to understand that biometric solutions are not a security silver bullet. While these controls may solve some security problems, they won’t solve all problems. They may, however, unintentionally introduce new challenges.

Nevertheless, by using a strategic approach that includes appropriate requirements definition and project management, most biometrics projects can succeed.

This approach advocates ensuring that an appropriate amount of time, staff, and budget is expended. By following this advice and focusing on small-scale, closed-loop problems within an organization, the likelihood of achieving a successful biometric deployment will increase significantly.

Ben Rothke CISSP, QSA ( is a Senior Security Consultant with BT Professional Services and the author of Computer Security: 20 Things Every Employee Should Know. Benjamin Tomhave, MS, CISSP, ( is a Senior Security Consultant with BT Professional Services.



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