Case Study: A Wrinkle in Time

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

Asked if the superimposed images are confusing, Kennedy responds that they are not, especially because in the majority of investigations the security staff already knows what to look for. “So, if we are looking for a customer in a red baseball cap, once we see him, we click on him, and everyone else goes away except that customer,” he states.

The BriefCam VS Forensics creates the same time-stamped synopses, but is a standalone, offline application that does not require integration with a DVR or NVR. Users import the video into VS For­ensics to create the time-compression synopses.

Kennedy decided to employ both the VS Enterprise and VS Forensics at Stew Leonard’s. The installation took place last autumn at all the stores and also at Stew Leonard’s Wine Stores, which is a legally separate entity that contracts the use of Stew Leonard’s name and human resources, public relations, loss prevention, and security services.

During integration, there were some technical kinks, “but the BriefCam staff were absolutely great,” he says.

“Early in the process,” he recalls, “as we spoke to vendors, we told them that we were looking for a partnership with Stew Leonard’s. This is not going to be a purchase and out-the-door kind of thing. We wanted to be able to call someone and get a response back to any critical issues we came across. They have come through on that.”

A BriefCam technical specialist worked with Stew Leonard’s IT department during the installation, placing the VS Enterprise software on the servers that operate the cameras covering critical areas, such as money rooms and cash registers. “Those are dialed directly into the software application so we can pull up synopses immediately,” Kennedy says.



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