Case Study: A Wrinkle in Time

By Ann Longmore-Etheridge

Synopses from noncritical cameras are created by VS Forensics on an as-needed basis, rather than being connected directly. “We can pull video from a specific camera, from any server we want, and we can export it—bring it into BriefCam VS Forensics…. It gives you the exact same synopsis as VS Enterprise will, there’s just an extra step in between.”

Ease of use was important to security, and Kennedy says the pair of solutions have not disappointed in that regard. “Within five to 10 minutes of sitting down with the product, [LP officers] were fully trained,” he states.

And after seven months of use, Ken­nedy couldn’t be more pleased. “It has worked very well. There have been a lot of successes with investigations we’ve done. We’ve also used it in nonconventional LP aspects of business. For example, it is deployed at some of our wine stores; and we use it there for marketing purposes, product flow, customer flow, and to monitor activity during tastings. We give our feedback to non-LP folks, the marketers, and the buyers,” he says.

Kennedy also states that VS Enterprise and VS Forensics “have already paid for themselves. Return on investment was in less than six months.”

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