CFATS and Comprehensive Chemical Security Management

By Lee Salamone, Brad Fuller, and H.M. Leith

Facilities that manufacture, use, store or process certain chemicals subject to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) now need to determine how best to comply with the rule. DHS is sending letters to the regulated sites to set tier levels and deadlines for compliance. Since the compliance requirements for CFATS are specific to anti-terrorism issues regulated by DHS, many security professionals need to select appropriate security upgrades designed for the higher-order threat of terrorism for CFATS compliance while adequately covering other more common security issues.

Significant company resources may be required to comply with CFATS. This is especially true for the compliance step where a Site Security Plan (SSP) is developed based on the Risk-Based Performance Standards (RBPS). CFATS compliance must now be included as a part of an overall security management strategy to develop a comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective approach to site security that incorporates the risk posed by terrorism but meets overall corporate security management objectives.



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