Challenges and Trends

By Sherry L. Harowitz


Security Management gathered five top security professionals to comment on issues of the day. Here are some highlights.

On challenges, executives cited the need to comply with new regulations, balance security with maintaining an open environment, and stay in tune with their company’s overall goals. Asked about trends, they highlighted the new emphasis on crisis management and protecting the entire enterprise versus the former emphasis on protecting specific assets. On the search for good personnel, they agreed that general qualities matter more than specific technical skills.

When it comes to convergence, the panel agreed that it is both inevitable and beneficial and that it need not be seen as a turf war with winners and losers. It is simply a matter of having all the players work together to solve problems. Asked how to sell security to management, they cited the need for good metrics and good customer service. One representative on the supplier side cited the difficulty of building systems to meet user needs when companies are reluctant to share inside information about what they want systems to achieve.

As for the continuing effects of 9-11, the consensus was that it has led to more awareness and shifting priorities but not a great deal more money. Most promising technology? Most overrated? The two questions yielded the same answer: Biometrics.



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