Comcast’s 9-11 Lessons

By Teresa Anderson

“Employees already know to follow the floor captains, so it was perfect to use the program as the foundation for the active-shooter program,” says Birch. In an active-shooter situation, security will make an audible announcement that signals to the floor captains. The message will say there is a “serious incident inside the building.”

Upon hearing this message, floor captains know to take employees to designated safe areas that have been designed to lock from the inside. Floor wardens are all provided with a key to those safe areas. The safe areas are windowless and already contain a water supply so that people can stay for awhile.

Comcast security has conducted three active-shooter drills with the Philadelphia Police Department using this program.

When the police department changed its best practices advice in responding to active-shooter situations, it used the Comcast Center for training. “This gave us more confidence,” says Farrell. “We know the police department will respond and that they will know our program.”

Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve System, which celebrates its 100th anniversary next year, implements monetary policy in the United States and oversees the country’s currency supply. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia is one of 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks; it serves the eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware region.

The regional banks, when combined with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., constitute the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve receives no government appropriations and derives its income primarily from the interest earned on government securities it has acquired. Any earnings the Fed makes above the cost of operations are turned over to the U.S. Treasury.

Besides serving as a depository institution for banks, the Fed is also integral to the financial workings of the United States. Because of this, Federal Reserve branches have become terrorist targets. To minimize this risk, the Philadelphia branch has tight security. Security Management looked at two specific aspects of its security: currency control and cash deliveries.



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