Community policing

With some Muslim and Arab communities feeling under siege from U.S. security and law enforcement, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) has been hosting law enforcement and multicultural community leaders to discuss how to prevent terrorist attacks and threats while respecting the rights and dignity of individuals. In a recent report, PERF offered various recommendations for balancing the two objectives. For example, law enforcement must learn about cultural sensitivities, traditions, and religions of diverse communities to engender trust, the paper suggests. It should also be aware of, and possibly participate in, community rallies, religious gatherings, and unity celebrations to better understand these cultures and religions. In addition, law enforcement should identify people and places susceptible to hate crimes and assess environmental design and other security factors to prevent these crimes. Further, the paper recommends, campus police should enter into mutual-aid agreements with local, state, and federal law enforcement to share resources on hate crimes and to coordinate operations during a crisis. @ Protecting Your Community from Terrorism: Strategies for Local Law Enforcement, Volume 2: Working with Diverse Communities is on SM Online.

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