Cyberattack Trends in Latin America

By Holly Gilbert

Also on the panel was Kevin Haley, director of product management at Symantec Security Response. He spoke in general about the threat that arises when hackers leverage smaller businesses to get to the intellectual property of larger organizations. This is a trend that is explained in Symantec’s latest annual Internet Security Threat Report.

“If you look by industry at who’s being attacked, the most growth we saw in 2012 was actually manufacturers, and that growth was mainly due to small manufacturers being attacked,” noted Haley. “The bad guys are going after the small manufacturers to learn the secrets that their larger partners are sharing with them.”

As far back as 2004, OAS did establish guidelines for fighting cybercrime in the Latin American region when it adopted the Inter-American Cyber Security Strategy that founded a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity. However, as the Trend Micro report on the region pointed out, the guidelines have not made the desired headway. The paper recommends further action. For example, the report urges governments to raise awareness among critical infrastructure operations and government agencies, offer more cyber education, and further institutionalize cybersecurity practices and regulations.

Haley added that any multipronged cybersecurity strategy should include law enforcement and diplomacy.



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