Disaster Response and Recovery

By Glen Kitteringham

*** ** Disaster Response and Recovery. By David A. McEntire; published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; (Web); 504 pages; $51.95.

This work is one of five textbooks recently released by Wiley Pathways, a series created by publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., to provide homeland security textbooks for students and life-long learners. The author, David A. McIntire of the University of North Texas, provides a tremendous amount of information that offers a good overview for anyone interested in learning about the growing field of emergency management and the twin concepts of disaster response and recovery.

This 500-page volume follows the standard textbook concept with chapters offering brief summaries, self-checks, key terms, review questions, essay questions, and a Web site for readers to test themselves on their knowledge of the basics of the chapter.

The author has geared the discussion toward the student or emergency manager dealing with issues at the “30,000 foot level,” covering topics such as establishing shelters, hazard detection, obtaining public assistance, and managing the media. He also explains the overall theory of disaster response and recovery.

As one in a series, this work will not, of course, address all the relevant questions in this field. But it also contains little practical “in the trenches” information on emergency management, so readers looking for more than an overview will likely come away unfulfilled.

Overall, this is a well-written textbook that offers readers a starting point and then guides them toward additional resources via the Internet. Despite its lack of ground-level detail, it is an excellent effort, and author David McEntire should be congratulated for it.

Reviewer: Glen Kitteringham, CPP, oversees security at commercial high-rise properties that total more than 8.5 million square feet in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is member of ASIS International’s Council on Commercial Real Estate and an assistant vice-president of the ASIS Alberta chapter.



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