Don't Miss Out... And Bring a Friend

By Sherry Harowitz

They say the best form of advertising is word of mouth. You tell two friends, then they tell two friends, and so on. Well, I’ve got a tip, and I’m going to start with the two of you reading this Editor’s Note. There’s more and more original material at the Security Management Web site, and readers who only avail themselves of the print edition—as beautiful and enlightening an experience as that is—are missing out on a considerable amount of additional information.
We are now publishing Web-only exclusive magazine features. Among those recently added are “Energy Insecurities: The Downside of Being Too Smart,” by John Bumgarner, a look at the security risks of smart utility devices; “Plan to Prevail,” by Will Gunther, which gives crisis management advice; “A Trojan Seal,” by Ken Stanley, in which Stanley recounts a seminal spymaster story from the past but with new details about the role of a key shadow Cold Warrior; “Counterterror, Technology, and Reaction,” by security professional Bob Raffel, in which the author discusses the weaknesses in how the United States currently reacts to the jihadist terror threat; and a “Viewpoint” titled “New York Legislators Should Kill the ‘No Kill’ Bill,” by Ed Appel and Tom Conley, CPP, explaining the deadly flaws in a New York legislative proposal that would restrict a police officer’s authority to shoot to kill.
In addition, there’s the monthly podcast in which Laura Spadanuta talks with editors, contributing writers, and book authors. Among the recent highlights, the author of Scrappy Information Security, IT expert Michael Seese, gives computing security tips; Timothy L. Williams, CPP, head of security for Caterpillar, discusses corporate security strategy; and Marissa Fenech, a global security expert who has worked both in the intelligence community and in corporate security, talks about executive protection lessons to be gleaned from real life tragedies, such as the recent plane crash that wiped out much of the Polish government. Go to the Podcast page to download each episode or sign up through iTunes to see for yourself why we’ve been given a five star rating by listeners. You won’t believe how much information can be packed into 15 minutes.
We’ve also enhanced the daily news and analysis with Matthew Harwood’s “Morning Security Brief,” which highlights breaking news; original online news reports have included items on the flow of guns to Mexico, options for fighting radicalization, and problems with using behavioral threat assessment at airports.
If you’d like a monthly reminder of what’s new online, you can subscribe to our monthly Security Management Web Preview here. Also, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me with comments and suggestions for improvements. And don’t forget to tell two friends.



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