Effective Personal and Corporate Security

By Ona Ekhomu, CPP; Reviewed by William F. Eardley IV

***** Effective Personal and Corporate Security. By Ona Ekhomu, CPP; published by the School of Management and Security, (Web); 431 pages; $75.
In Effective Personal and Corporate Security, security consultant Ona Ek­homu provides a guidebook that may be worthwhile to security professionals or others planning to visit the author’s homeland of Nigeria. Unfortunately, the text is at times repetitive and short on practical solutions.
The work overall is logically structured, addressing personal, corporate, and national security across the book’s three sections. Ekhomu is at times very passionate in his rhetoric. Yet he frequently states and restates the obvious, perhaps in an effort to be thorough. Whatever the reason, the practice detracts from the work. He could have used a more aggressive editor.
Further, Ekhomu relates a variety of threats and criminal trends, only to leave the reader grasping for solutions. If, for example, cash is the preferred method of conducting transactions in Nigeria and people are regularly robbed, why not suggest an alternative? If it is Nigerian custom to forgive a wrong instead of prosecuting the suspect, is there a way to demand restitution?
At other times, where Ekhomu offers suggested solutions, I question their practicality. For example, he suggests activating a smoke bomb if surprised by an intruder during a home invasion.
While the work has its shortcomings, Ekhomu is quite complete in his research topically. Sections on riot survival, fire safety, cell phone security, and others are quite informative and useful. Each chapter contains a worthwhile synopsis.
In his candor and zeal, Ekhomu ends up portraying Nigerians as rather naive and the country as particularly unpleasant to visit. The latter may be an unavoidable consequence of a book devoted to security concerns. However, the text could serve as a legitimate reference for someone planning to spend an extended period of time in the country.

Reviewer: William F. Eardley IV is a member of ASIS International.



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