Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers

By John Gargiulo, CPP

*****Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers, Second Edition. By Paul A. Erickson; published by Butterworth-Heinemann, available from ASIS, item #1688, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 432 pages; $99 (ASIS members), $109 (nonmembers).

As recent events have illustrated, emergency planning is an activity no organization can afford to ignore. Poor planning can exact human and political costs on municipalities, while in the corporate world, owners and officers can face criminal and civil liability if they fail to follow regulations or to mitigate risks their operations pose to surrounding communities.

Emergency planners in either sector would benefit from the second edition of Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers, a text packed with timely information and case studies.

The book’s premise is that contemporary threats can wreak havoc well beyond a target area, while our changing societal structure and technological advances create threats that challenge the ablest planner.

Therefore, planning and response must focus on an incident’s “circumstance,” or environment, and its consequences. Planners cannot look myopically at the incident alone. Further, a successful response may require cooperation by diverse federal, state, local, and community groups.

The text imparts the information needed to face these challenges, laying out the steps for conducting a risk analysis, developing baseline emergency plans, and formulating specialized strategies for chemical, biological, or terrorist threats. The book also includes detailed discussion of training, clothing, equipment, and decontamination procedures, plus medical surveillance and monitoring strategies that have become benchmarks for emergency-response planners.

Each chapter includes a number of charts and tables that present and illustrate regulations, guidelines, and work-flow processes. Each chapter features a study guide consisting of a case study plus true or false, multiple choice, and essay questions, while the text ends with a glossary of terms and concepts.

Reviewer: John Gargiulo, CPP, is a part-time security consultant and former director of security for Reuters America. He retired as a lieutenant with the New York City Police Department. Gargiulo is a member of ASIS International.



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