Encryption Update

By John Wagley
As more companies implement an encryption strategy, a growing number are also choosing centrally managed, platform-based solutions, according to a recent annual study by the Ponemon Institute and PGP Corp.
Seventy-eight percent of organizations said they have some type of encryption strategy, up from 74 percent in 2008 and 66 percent in 2007. Twenty-five percent of enterprises said they were taking a platform encryption approach, compared to 17 percent last year, according to the study, U.S. Enterprise Encryption Trends.
Eighty-five percent of survey respondents experienced at least one data breach in the last 12 months, about the same level as reported a year ago. Around 22 percent of firms said they had been hit with five or more breaches, up from 13 percent the year before.
All of the companies with five or more breaches reported that they had no encryption strategy, according to the report. The most frequently employed form of encryption is file-server encryption, followed by database encryption and full-disk encryption.

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