Endless Enemies

By Raymond W. Holcomb; Reviewed by Colonel (retired) Britt Mallow

***** Endless Enemies. By Raymond W. Holcomb and Lillian Weiss. Potomac Books, www.po­to­; 332 pages; $23.96.

Raymond Holcomb spent 23 years in the FBI, spanning the era of J. Edgar Hoover through 9-11 and its aftermath. He played a key role in the transformation of the organization’s primary focus from crime-fighting to national security.

With a clear and easy storytelling style, Holcomb and Weiss give us a rare glimpse into FBI tactical operations, including the takedown of drug traffickers in New York, the first Trade Center bombings, and 9-11. Holcomb was the first full-time SWAT leader for the Bureau in New York, and his experiences in VIP protection and security missions provide insights into a little-known side of the FBI.

In 2002 the author was chosen to organize the FBI’s “Fly Away Team.” This unit, charged with rapid response counterterrorism, faced the challenges of overseas operations.

This book will provide security professionals with both an enjoyable read and a set of solid lessons.

Reviewer: Colonel (retired) Britt Mallow is a counterterrorism and security practitioner with more than 34 years of experience. He is an associate department head at MITRE Corporation and the former chair of the ASIS Council on Global Terrorism, Political Instability, and International Crime.



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