Enhancing Human Performance in Security Operations—International and Law Enforcement Perspectives

By Paul T. Bartone; Reviewed by Thomas E. Engells, CPP, CPM


***** Enhancing Human Performance in Security Operations—International and Law Enforcement Perspectives. Edited by Paul T. Bartone et al. Charles C. Thomas Publishers,; 457 pages; $66.95.

In this work, experts from military and law enforcement weigh in on security’s human side. This is a serious book focusing on an important topic that has continuing public policy implications—the performance of security forces at home and abroad during high-stress situations.

It is structured into thematic sections, the first of which outlines the general psychological and social factors that impact how a person will respond to the high-stress demands of security operations. Section two explores the selection, training, and preparation of personnel to function in security operations; and the final section includes both scenarios and case studies that describe the practical challenges encountered by security personnel today.

The stress encountered by security personnel, be they military or civil law enforcement, in performing their work can be crippling. A concept introduced early in the book and that echoes across several chapters is that of the importance of individual psychological hardiness, especially in security operations.  

The book contains several interesting perspectives, some unexpected insights, and useful practical advice. Editor Paul Bartone and his four coeditors provide the reader with a creative sampling of the current options available in preparing officers for roles and tasks that are high-stress and challenging. The book has promise as a reference work, especially for those security executives and managers tasked with operational and staff responsibilities in either the public or private sector.

Reviewer: Thomas E. Engells, CPP, CPM (Certified Public Manager), serves as the chief of police at The University of Texas Medi­cal Branch at Galveston. He is a member of ASIS International.




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