Executive Protection: New Solutions for a New Era

By Laz Claro, CPP

Executive Protection: New Solutions for a New Era. By Robert L. Oatman; published by Noble House; available from ASIS International, Item #1694, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 243 pages; $30 (ASIS members), $33 (nonmembers).

Protection. The word is synonymous with security and peace of mind. And security and peace of mind are exactly what executive protection (EP) professionals are expected to deliver to their clients. EP stalwart Bob Oatman brings to bear his many years of experience in the field of EP in this lucid and perceptive work, providing detail on how executives can be best protected.

Oatman includes real-life case studies that offer substantive, actionable value to practitioners. Lessons learned are presented clearly and concisely. The writing is economical but clear, and it is sound in its logic.

Twelve solid chapters cover everything from assessing risk to managing an EP detail. Supporting materials abound, including graphs and footnotes, the latter of which enable readers to easily conduct further research on a specific topic. An appendix contains more than a dozen checklists that arm the practitioner with crucial information.

Possibly most valuable are the “tabletop exercises” in Chapter Four. They put into practice a mock scenario that gauges the level of effectiveness and flexibility of the EP plan. It’s in this chapter that Oatman most helpfully shares his expertise and recommendations, delving specifically into how to avoid mistakes. For example, an in-depth discussion details various methods of attack on a principal and how to reduce the advantages held by attackers over their prey.

These and other critical issues are placed in clear perspective.

Reviewer: Laz Claro, CPP, is director of security for Riverside National Banks in Palm Bay, Florida. He is a member of ASIS International.



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