Fingerprint Evaluation Software

By Peter Piazza

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a suite of updated software tools designed to evaluate the quality of fingerprint scans. NIST Fingerprint Image Software--Version 2 helps users ensure that fingerprints collected from criminal suspects, employees, visa applicants, and others are clear and distinct enough to be matched against fingerprints on file.

The software "assigns a scanned fingerprint with a quality level from 1 for a high-quality print to 5 for an unusable print," according to NIST. If the print is of poor quality, it can then be rescanned.

Many commercial fingerprint systems come with their own quality evaluation software. The NIST software allows the comparison of scanners made by different manufacturers.

The CD-ROM, which also includes software for matching fingerprints, pattern classification, and other applications, is available for free to law enforcement agencies, biometrics researchers, and manufacturers of fingerprint scanning equipment.

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