Guidance for Working in Disaster Areas

By Teresa Anderson

DeWitt explains that signatories to the ICoC must implement an auditable standard. “The new ASIS standards are a critical addition,” DeWitt explains. “The code addresses general principles of good behavior and these are difficult to audit. So, the code also requires auditable management standards that will allow companies to be sure they are meeting code requirements. This is where the ASIS standards will come in. They will make the code work.”

In addition, the ASIS standards will help codify what customers expect from security contractors. Governments, envision that the ICoC, and thus the ASIS standards, will become part of government contracts.

DeWitt notes that Blackwater was an ICoC signatory, but since there was no mechanism for ensuring that companies were following the code, it had no real effect in the field. Thus, the public discounted it. “This is a critical point,” notes DeWitt. “The standards will help build public confidence in the entire industry.”



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