Homeland Security, 2nd Edition

By Thomas J. Badley, editor; Reviewed by John S. Belcastro, M.A., CHS - III

***** Homeland Security, 2nd Edition. Thomas J. Badey, editor; published by McGraw Hill, (Web); 185 pages; $25.94.

Part of McGraw Hill’s Annual Editions college text series, this book is a collection of 41 articles that provides a variety of opinions and points of view on an extremely broad and controversial topic, making the format an excellent fit for the subject matter.

This text is intended as an introductory read for the student or security professional, presenting the issues surrounding the subject of homeland security. It is divided into ten sections. Topics include the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), new technologies, civil liberties and civil rights, and the future of homeland security.

The text benefits from many divergent viewpoints of this critical subject. Those viewpoints are not always complimentary, but all contributors go out of their way to present clear and cogent arguments to support their theses.

One article from the section on DHS provides an excellent, relevant analysis of exactly how agency dollars are consistently misspent based on politics, not risk assessment. Graphics clearly illustrate this author’s viewpoints and conclusions.

Each section provides key questions or discussion topics, plus Internet resources for further research. In addition, a topic guide directs readers to articles relating to a particular topic, such as aviation security, disaster preparedness, or state and local government. This provides an alternative method for using the material in this text, giving flexibility to instructors at the undergraduate or graduate level.

The text accomplishes its mission to offer a broad overview of the major issues associated with homeland security, and it would make an excellent introductory text or provide additional reading for most classes relating to the subject.

Reviewer: John S. Belcastro, M.A., CHS – III (Certified in Homeland Security, level III), is a professor of criminal justice at Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado. He is a member of ASIS.



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