Innovations to Ring in the New Year

By Sherry Harowitz

Another company with an innovative initiative is Milestone. As cofounder John Blem explains it, the company is taking a page from Silicon Valley and “creating an entity where it can incubate new product lines.” They’ve put the office in Silicon Valley to benefit from the synergies of the technical talent pool there. They hope to “be inspired” and lead the way in incorporating user-friendly functionality from the consumer side of technology. If it works, it may lead to other innovative hubs around the world, he says.

A third company, Protection 1 Security Solutions, is innovating how it handles customer service internally. Often, when you buy a product, whether it’s for your home, yourself, or your company, you will find no communication between the person who sells it to you, the people who install it, and those to whom you will have to direct any questions later. Protection 1 has adopted what it calls a one-pod approach, “so everyone on your account—installation, billing, monitoring, day-to-day operations—are all on the same team,” says a spokesperson.

If your company has initiated an innovative security or management policy or product development strategy that other readers might be able to learn from, let us know what it is.



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