Intelligence for an Age of Terror

By Gregory F. Treverton; Reviewed by Kevin D. Eack

***** Intelligence for an Age of Terror. By Gregory F. Treverton; published by Cambridge University Press, (Web); 320 pages; $30.
In his latest book, Gregory Treverton does an incredible job of outlining the past, present, and future of intelligence as it relates to homeland security. In an earlier work completed prior to 9-11 titled Reshaping National Intelligence for an Age of Information, he insightfully described the need for a change in course in our nation’s methods of collection, analysis, and intelligence sharing.
In Intelligence for an Age of Terror, Treverton methodically and with laser-like accuracy describes the many changes that have occurred in the international intelligence community (IC) since 9-11 and how that has affected the way the IC functions. He explores the various ways in which other countries have shaped their national intelligence strategies and contrasts them with the approach of the U.S. government, enabling the reader to gain a fair and accurate picture of the often stark differences.
The author also describes the advent of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and how its development has affected the IC structure in the United States, the transformation of the FBI in a post 9-11 era, and the growing pains within the Department of Homeland Security.
This book is well-researched and a quick read for a 300-page publication. The author backs up his assertions with authoritative citations, enabling the reader to delve further if desired.
Outlining with detail the various political and policy considerations for the many changes that have occurred, the author sets forth his view of the way ahead for our national intelligence strategy. I consider this the latest “must read” for those active in homeland security, particularly in prevention or protection missions.

Reviewer: Kevin D. Eack is a senior terrorism advisor with the Illinois State Police’s Office of Counter Terrorism. He is a member of the ASIS Council on Global Terrorism, Political Instability, and International Crime.


NYC Board

The New Your City Community Board has approved in a vote to permit the Mosque to become built nearly at ground-zero on the September 11 terrorist attacks. There's a combination of support and condemn with this venture. The fascinating factor is the fact that this project did not need authorization to move forward, the land is owned currently by the Islam's and it is fully within their rights to construct a masque there, but they desired the cities support and authorization before going ahead. Conspiracy theorists everywhere are proclaiming that they simply requested approval to look like they are being peaceful. Regardless they still didn't need the cities approval and still acquired the cities authorization.


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