An Introduction to Security and Emergency Planning for Faith-Based Organizations

By Jeffrey Hawkins; Reviewed by David Sayer


***** An Introduction to Security and Emergency Planning for Faith-Based Organizations. By Jeffrey Hawkins; published by the Christian Security Network, (Web); 57 pages; $23.99.
Despite the increasing frequency of acts of violence in houses of worship, most of us take for granted the security of our own houses of worship. We shouldn’t.
In writing the manual An Introduction to Security and Emergency Planning for Faith-Based Organizations, Jeffrey Hawkins has succinctly addressed the growing concern of providing a safe environment for Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs). The author has composed a valuable introductory resource from which FBO leaders can assess their needs and begin to build a framework of security and emergency planning for their respective communities.
The manual thoroughly addresses fundamental risk management, security, and safety issues in an easily understood manner. It provides FBOs with basic tools that can be used to handle various challenges, including a simple risk assessment form, an emergency evacuation plan form, and a bomb checklist. It also provides Internet addresses for additional online resources.
Straightforward questions provided at the end of each chapter provide a way for readers to review chapter material and assess their needs. Security professionals who work with FBOs could use this manual to raise the consciousness of their clients about security and emergency planning concepts.

Reviewer: David Sayer has worked as a security professional for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 24 years and is currently an area security manager. He is a member of ASIS International.





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