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Pedestrian Control

Booth 10033, Circle 415

Boon Edam of Lillington, North Carolina, offers a wide range of optical turnstiles and security lanes that combine contemporary styling with optical detection technology. Ideal for supervised lobbies and transitions from public to secure areas in a building, the turnstiles use multiple detection beams to ensure that only one authorized user passes at a time. The company offers a choice of waist-high, barrier, and barrier-free models, as well as full-height optical turnstiles with glass partitions. All models are compatible with a range of electronic and biometric authorization solutions.

High-Resolution Cameras

Booth 18017, Circle 416

FlexiDome HD 1080p Day/Night IP cameras are new from Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York. The cameras combine high-definition images with excellent low-light operation and color reproduction for an advanced level of detail. They enable easy identification of faces, objects, and alphanumeric information over a wide area and produce images in 16:9 aspect ratio. The cameras’ design uses a flat window that aligns with the lens to reduce distortion. Operators can zoom to any part of a scene to examine details without losing clarity. Optional Intelligent Video Analysis flags alarm events on the screen and improves detection of loitering, line crossing, and other threats.

Remote Viewing

Circle 417

Diebold Incorporated of Canton, Ohio, has launched a new application that allows users to access security camera feed live from their mobile devices. The Diebold Security App, available to download from Diebold for use on any mobile device, allows managers to respond any time of the day or night. Because users can see their facilities in real time, law enforcement can be notified sooner, and fewer false alarms will reduce fines.

Door Systems

Booth 22097, Circle 418

Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, has introduced a mul­­­tipoint lock built for maximum strength that features three-bolt construction for extra protection against attempted intrusion. Ideal for back doors that require both panic hardware and protection from break-ins, the Detex ECL-230X-TDB is designed with the deadbolt deeper in the frame than other locks. Connecting rods are made of continuous solid metal for even more strength. Easy to install, the exit hardware is life-safety and code compliant, and it functions as both panic hardware and a barrier to intrusions. It includes a photoluminescent sign, 100-decibel alarm, and three locking points per door. The ECL-230X-TDB-DX3 offers six locking points and 10,000 pounds of holding force.

Thermal Imaging

Booth 10138, Circle 419

The WatchMaster IP Elite brings advanced long-wave thermal imaging technology to a variety of commercial surveillance and security applications. New from DRS Technologies of Parsippany, New Jersey, it employs proven uncooled VOx thermal-imaging technology to produce crystal clear imagery in all weather conditions, including complete darkness, dust, haze, light fog, and smoke. The ONVIF-conformant camera offers low power consumption and is IEEE802.3af compliant, supporting video, camera control, and power over a single tamper-resistant cable connection. The camera can be easily configured and installed into existing security infrastructure.

Door Prop Alarm

Booth 22101, Circle 420

The ES300 Series Battery-Powered Door Prop Alarm from Designed Security, Inc., of Bastrop, Texas, is a low-cost solution for low-risk emergency-exit-only doors. Featuring field-selectable door-open times from one second to two minutes, the alarm helps prevent secure doors from being propped open. The unit can also be used as a door annunciator by setting the timer to zero seconds.








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