ISC West Product Showcase 2010

Visitor Management
EasyLobby, Inc., of Needham, Massachusetts, provides customers and partners with affordable, feature-rich, customizable, and easy-to-use visitor management solutions, including software, hardware peripherals, and badge stock. EasyLobby SVM automates the entire process of registering a visitor and printing a badge. The system pro­vides enterprise-class visitor registration, tracking, reporting and badge printing, Web-based preregistration, and access control integration. Users can accurately capture detailed visitor information in seconds without typing, keeping all visitor information confidential. The system controls access to facilities, streamlines visitor check-in and check-out, and prints high quality visitor badges. Administrators can analyze visitor data and easily run queries and reports. Booth 21141, Circle 430
Perimeter Security Report
Future Fibre Technologies, Inc., of Mountain View, California, has released a resource available free to security industry professionals. Boundaries of Security–Global Trends in Perimeter Security provides insight into the fast-paced world of perimeter protection. The document clearly describes a wide range of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection technologies and explains their fundamental operating principles, typical applications, and the strengths and vulnerabilities of each. It details security industry trends and case studies, along with best practice recommendations and discussions for infrastructure and high-value asset protection. It is essential reading for those wanting to know more about alarm recognition and discrimination for fiber optic intrusion detection systems. It can be downloaded at Booth 23123, Circle 431
Metal Detector
A new hand-held pinpointing detector from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, can precisely and rapidly pinpoint buried and hidden metallic objects, weapons, and evidence. The CSI PRO-POINTER, used in conjunction with an effective ground-search metal detector such as Garrett’s CSI 250, is a cost-effective solution for recovery of metallic evidence in crime scene investigations. This lightweight detector features continuous audible and vibrating alarms that increase in intensity based on proximity to the metallic target. Its scraping blade allows the user to rake through the soil while digging for a target. Convenient to carry in its supplied belt holster, it is durable, water-resistant, and includes an LED flashlight to assist during low-light searches. Garrett metal detectors are made in America. Booth 12126, Circle 432
Security Platform
Security Center 4.0 is the latest version of the unified security platform from Genetec of Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. The platform controls IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition systems within a single innovative solution. Version 4.0 offers features such as visual tracking, a new cardholder manager task, and the full integration of Genetec’s license plate recognition system, AutoVu. Operators can easily switch from one camera to an adjacent camera within a viewing tile when tracking a suspect, either in real-time or playback mode. Users can monitor license plate reads and hit events in real time from cameras or mobile patroller applications. Managing cardholders, credentials, badge printing, and access rights for the Synergis access control system is now consolidated into a single easy-to-navigate task. Booth 21051, Circle 433
High-Definition Cameras
Honeywell of Melville, New York, is expanding its portfolio with the latest IP-networks, data management, and video analytics. For complete IP security, users can transition digital technology into existing analog systems to control costs while maximizing their investment in existing equipment. A powerful video management platform, multiple recording solutions, and IP-based cameras ensure high picture quality (up to 4CIF), MPEG-4 efficiency, and real-time video. An externally accessible Web-based menu lets operators view and control cameras from virtually anywhere, and tamper detection alerts users instantly if a camera has been obstructed or vandalized. HD3MDIP is the first in a series of high-definition cameras. The day-night, indoor mini-dome is engineered to provide crisp images with minimal bandwidth to reduce storage requirements, even in low light. Booth 14023, Circle 434
Door Closer
Designed for doors that are subject to changing conditions, the Norton 9000 Series Trinity from Norton Door Controls of Monroe, North Carolina, offers customers an intelligent door-closer option. Controlled by a built-in computer, the unit allows the door to consistently close and latch at the same speed. It is ideal for doors that are subject to changing conditions that may cause the door to close too fast or too slowly. An onboard generator supplies power for electric sensing and automatic valve operation, which monitors the speed though the sweep and latch zones. Unlike other closers, it has only one self-adjusting valve, saving time, eliminating guesswork, and ensuring consistency. Booth 11087, Circle 435
ID Accessories
A new water-resistant multiple-card holder from JAM Plastics, Inc., of Burlington, Massachusetts, is made from a durable plastic that is wat­er-resistant and keeps IDs and other valuables dry and out of the elements. This new holder is perfect for storing credit cards, IDs, cash, and other small items. The holder comes with a black adjustable lanyard and can accommodate up to seven standard PVC cards. Made in the United States, the company’s new Heavy-Duty Key Bak reels hold multiple keys, small flashlights, and other small tools. They provide six to 10 ounces of retraction force and are available in multiple styles, including Super48, which holds up to 25 keys; SecureIt, an all-purpose carabiner reel that secures anything; and Model #6, which has a polycarbonate high-strength case that accommodates up to six keys and has a 360-degree rotating belt clip. Booth 3045, Circle 436
Access Control
IDenticard Systems of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has released PremiSys 1.4, its next-generation access control system that offers a total, scalable solution for facilities of any size. The system integrates proprietary access control software, a sophisticated badgemaking system, and card-access hardware, all designed to grow with the customer’s needs. Controllers, card readers, keypad interface, and peripherals are manufactured by Mercury Security. New features include the ability to manage multiple cards per cardholder, support for multiple log-on methods, the ability to quickly import data from commonly used databases like SQL, optional two-card protection for high-security areas, easier photo manipulation and sharing, and software-based licenses that eliminate the need for a hardware key. Booth 16121, Circle 437
 Access Reader
The NSC-100 is an IP-based reader mod­ule and the first in a family of new IP-enabled products being released this year by Open Options of Carrollton, Texas. The module eliminates traditional wiring to the door and connects directly to a user’s network to provide an interface between local devices at the door and Open Options IP Series Controllers across a standard TCP/IP network. Easy to install, the unit connects directly to the network with a standard RJ45 connection and supports two readers (paired as single door), four supervised inputs, and two output relays. The module also supports full power over Ethernet to supply power to electric locks, motion detectors, and other peripheral door devices. Booth 24129, Circle 438
Guard Booths
Par-Kut International, Inc., of Harrison Township, Michigan, makes security checkpoint buildings and guardhouses that are prebuilt and fully equipped to meet location requirements. Booths and guardhouses feature welded galvanized steel construction to withstand physical and environmental abuse. Units are prewired for heat, light, and air conditioning. Trailer mounted, bullet-resistant units are available with optional generators. Stand- or tower-mounted observation buildings and bi-level inspection booths are also available. Rounded corners, extended roof parapets, multicolor paint schemes, brick or stone exteriors, and glass-to-glass window corners are a few architectural options. Bullet-resistant construction, restrooms, climate control, exterior and interior lighting, anti-fatigue flooring, transformers, and custom counters are some construction options. There is no additional cost for modifying a standard floor plan. Circle 439
Dome Camera
Pelco of Clovis, California, has designed an integrated fixed-dome camera, for a wide range of outdoor and indoor environments. The Sarix IE Series Integrated Fixed Dome packs the power of Sarix technology into a rugged, vandal-resistant enclosure. Sarix multiplies and averages available light per pixel in order to provide the highest degree of sensitivity. It produces consistent detailed color across all products for accurate subject tracking. It combines best-in-class imaging science for high-definition and standard-definition resolution images, advanced low-light capabilities, consistent color science, and superior processing power. Booth 14041, Circle 440
PTZ Dome System
The Pelco Spectra IV IP SE Dome System offers outstanding image quality, control, reliability, and useful options that make it ideal for any application. Engineered by Pelco of Clovis, California, to enhance the safety of people, property, and assets, it now includes H.264 encoding capability in both 27x and 35x models to give users a more efficient compression method with even better image quality than MPEG-4. It offers smooth pan/tilt operation, variable speed, and powerful zoom capabilities. Featuring an optics package that excels in all environments, including low-light scenes, Spectra IV IP SE provides 540 TV lines of resolution, electronic image stabilization, enhanced wide dynamic range, and more. Booth 14041, Circle 441



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