ISC West Product Showcase 2010

TSCM Analyzer
Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, offers a technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) spectrum analyzer designed specifically for locating eavesdropping transmitters. The OSCOR Blue TSCM spectrum analyzer sweeps from 100 kHz to 24 GHz in less than one second, quickly and quietly detecting digital and analog transmitters. A built-in automatic switching antenna system captures real time traces without additional antennas or manual switching. The unit provides full control of trace data analysis and rapid data storage. The touchscreen monitor provides convenient drag and zoom control for frequency display and functionality. Its portability allows users to carry it among target areas to quickly collect two million trace data points per second. Booth 24128, Circle 442
Door Access
The SARGENT Profile Series v.S1 brings the power of the network to door hardware. New from SARGENT Manufacturing of New Haven, Connecticut, the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 lock uses power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, so no additional power supply is needed. It connects to the building’s Ethernet and can make decisions locally. Nonproprietary cable, PoE switches, and midspans facilitate cost-effective installations. Featuring real-time door-status monitoring and lockdown capability, the unit is available in exit device, mortise, and cylindrical lock configurations. Streamlined system architecture provides improved reliability, and using network infrastructure saves on installation expenses. Booth 11087, Circle 443
Video Encoder
Sony Electronics of Park Ridge, New Jersey, has introduced the SNT-EX104, a standalone, four-channel video encoder designed to meet a wide range of system requirements. The unit is ideal for migrating from an analog system to an IP-based surveillance solution. Key features like dynamic noise reduction and dynamic frame integration make this encoder ideal for use in nearly any application. The encoder incorporates proprietary Sony technologies to improve the quality of the analog video signal for clearer, brighter, and sharper images. It can stream video at 30 frames per second in D1 resolution in JPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264, and it includes DEPA advanced analytics. Booth 16086, Circle 444
IP Camera
The SNC-CH140 is the newest dual-stream, multi-format, IP camera from Sony Electronics of Park Ridge, New Jersey. It delivers excellent picture quality in HD resolution at 30 frames per second. Using Sony’s new Exmor CMOS image sensor, the fixed camera includes state-of-the-art image enhancement technologies. It provides excellent picture quality in challenging lighting environments. The full-capture Wide-D technology uses an electronic shutter to capture multiple images and reproduce each frame. With the newly developed View-DR algorithm, all of the electrons converted from the captured light are used by the imager, unlike other technologies that discard approximately half of these electrons. When combining multiple images, the visibility enhancer provides a high level of chrominance and luminance. Sometimes monitored images are even more visible than when viewed with the naked eye. Booth 16086, Circle 445
Perimeter Sensors
Southwest Microwave, Inc., of Tempe, Arizona, addresses the challenges of choosing cost-effective perimeter solutions that are compatible with other perimeter technologies with its new-generation INTREPID Intelligent Sensors. Field-proven detection technologies are made even better with single-platform networking. New-generation sensors offer enhanced features and unique detection capabilities to reliably perform in harsh climatic extremes. The INTREPID family employs a common communications protocol, universal set-up software, scalable system controllers, and a broad input voltage range, eliminating the high cost and complication traditionally associated with integrating multiple sensor technologies. The system’s synergistic sensor technologies allow users to deploy any combination of fence and buried and digital microwave solutions on a single network platform. Booth 18041, Circle 446
Covert Video Recorders
Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, has introduced the new DVRWM Series of wall-mounted digital video recorders (DVR). The recorders look like a normal burglar alarm or electrical panel hanging on the wall in a utility area, but the enclosures contain Pentaplex/H.264 networkable DVRs. Video is viewed remotely and the DVR cannot be handled by the end user. Available in 4-, 8-, or 16-channel versions, the recorders include full network operation, H.264 high-quality compression, recording of up to 240 frames per second, an infrared remote control, and a three-year warranty. The recorders’ hard-disk drives can store up to two terabytes of video. Booth 18041, Circle 447
Mass Notification
Talk-A-Phone Co. of Niles, Illinois, has introduced new mass notification software that uses an integrated multi-layer approach to contact a population of any size with site-specific instructions through a variety of notification mediums, including interior and exterior paging units, emergency phones, SMS, e-mail, RSS, LED signage, Giant Voice PA systems, and other technologies. WEBS Contact allows emergency personnel to develop preprogrammed crisis response scenarios for situations such as environmental incidents, natural disasters, workplace violence, and terrorist activities, greatly enhancing the responder’s ability to spread critical information in a timely manner. Booth 20117, Circle 448
Key Cabinets
Videx of Corvallis, Oregon, has introduced CyberKey Vaults, intelligent key cabinets that automatically program and dispense electronic keys. Keys that are securely stored in the cabinets remain in an unprogrammed state until an employee enters a PIN or RFID card. Upon receiving the correct identification, the cabinet programs and releases a key. The key contains access permissions specific to that individual for opening selected locks on specific days and only during certain hours on those days. When the key is returned, the cabinet sends an audit report of the key’s lock openings to management and the key automatically returns to an unprogrammed state. Booth 17126, Circle 449
Visitor IDs
Data Management, Inc., offers an innovative line of products that makes it easy for organizations to identify and keep track of visitors. Using Visitor Pass Solutions, a visitor creates a visitor badge that will change color overnight, voiding it so it can’t be reused the next day. At the same time, the system automatically creates a duplicate visitor record. Badges can be customized with an organization’s name and logo for both the public and private sectors. The peel-off badges are also available in rolls for direct thermal printers. Booth 4042, Circle 450
Workstation Consoles
New Sight-Line Pro consoles from Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation offer all the attributes of the popular Sight-Line consoles, plus customized options. The consoles feature the company’s Comfort Edge work surface, a smooth, contoured urethane edge molded to a 1 1/4-inch laminated medium-density fiberboard designed to maximize operator comfort and productivity in control room environments. Privacy panels in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes can be incorporated into the console, and modesty panels located at the rear of the console conceal the backs of the monitors. In addition, the console’s rear metal doors are finished with a wood grain appearance to match the work surface. The consoles feature the innovative Versa-Trak monitor array mounting system, which offers the ultimate in adjustability, so users can easily modify sight lines and monitor viewing angles based on personal needs. Booth 25091, Circle 451



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