ISC West Product Showcase 2011

Metal Detector

A hand-held pinpointing detector from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, can precisely and rapidly pinpoint buried and hidden metallic objects, weapons, and evidence. The CSI PRO-POINTER, used in conjunction with an effective ground-search metal detector such as Garrett’s CSI 250, is a cost-effective solution for recovery of metallic evidence in crime scene investigations. This lightweight detector features continuous audible and vibrating alarms that increase in intensity based on proximity to the metallic target. Its scraping blade allows the user to rake through the soil while digging for a target. Convenient to carry in its supplied belt holster, it is durable, water-resistant, and includes an LED flashlight to assist during low-light searches. Garrett metal detectors are made in America.

Booth 17134, Circle 431

360-Degree Imaging

ImmerVision of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, offers innovative 360-degree immersive imaging that enables custom­ers to see a full view using patented Pano­morph optics and viewing functionality. The Panomorph technology can be adapted to any camera device, any type of sensor, and any application including government, education, financial, transportation, and retail. When used with leading video surveillance cameras and software, the lenses enable situational awareness, eliminate blind spots, and provide 360-degree viewing of live and recorded video.

Booth 5080, Circle 432

Dome Camera

The Alliance-pro is a full featured, multi-megapixel H.264 Main Profile vandal-resistant dome camera from IQinVision of San Juan Capistrano, California. With support for VGA, 720p, 1080p, 3MP, and 5MP resolutions, this next-generation camera provides the highest-quality images with the lowest-bandwidth demands. Both ONVIF and PSIA compliant, the camera can be installed virtually anywhere and works seamlessly with the leading NVR/VMS providers. Installation and maintenance are facilitated by an intuitive design, hinged pivoting shroud, EZglide focus lens, and 3-axis gimbal. It also features day/night operation with a mechanical infrared filter, two-way audio, low power consumption, and a three-year warranty.

Booth 3100, Circle 433

Hard Drive Destruction

MBM Corporation of Charleston, South Carolina, has added the 0101 HDP hard drive punch to its Destroyit business shredder line. Hard drives from discarded computers, printers, and copiers can be destroyed economically to keep digital data safe. It punches a hole completely through the drive to render it unreadable. The drive then falls into a sturdy storage bin for disposal. The unit works on standard hard drives from personal computers, laptops, notebooks, printers, copiers, PDAs, and cell phones. The quiet, powerful, single-phase motor is rated for continuous operation.

Circle 434

Wireless Locks

The modular design of the new Schlage AD-Series from Ingersoll Rand of Carmel, Indiana, lets users adapt to new technologies easily, whether changing credential technologies or networking capabilities. Without replacing the lock, or even taking it off the door, users can upgrade readers and network modules. They can go from standalone, offline locking to a networked access control system by installing a 900 MHz communication module and upgrading the firmware. After linking the lock to a panel interface module, the user can initiate emergency lock/unlock commands throughout the facility and change access rights from a central location. Wireless locks can be added where it was once too costly and cumbersome to replace traditional locks. A new patent-pending feature listens for commands and responds in 10 seconds or less.

Booth 22035, Circle 435

Guard Tour System

Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, has created a management tool with its Power­Check Guard Tour System. The system includes a hand-held data re­cord­er, checkpoint stations, and reporting software. The data recorder allows security personnel to input incident codes on site using the built-in keypad and display. Tour-Pro Data Sorting Software is a Windows application that converts the data recorder information into custom reports. The system minimizes paperwork, because it has 99 preset incident codes that can be downloaded to the computer at the end of the tour. The Auto Pilot feature prompts guards to visit the next station and can be programmed for random tour sequences, if desired. Checkpoint stations are designed to blend into any indoor or outdoor environment.

Booth 17135, Circle 436

Outdoor Dome Camera

The new i-PRO SmartHD WV-SW395 outdoor, Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), weatherproof network dome camera from Panasonic System Solutions of Secaucus, New Jersey, uses the company’s UniPhier LSI to combine HD video and real-time video streaming at a lower data size. Face detection detects the position of human faces, while Face Super Dynamic ensures that they can be seen clearly. With 360-degree pan-tilt-zoom, automatic tracking of high-definition images, and full-frame 1280 x 960-pixel images at up to 30 images per second, the camera provides multiple H.264 and JPEG video streams for simultaneous real-time monitoring and high-resolution recording. Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch technologies deliver 128X wide dynamic range.

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