ISC West Product Showcase 2014

 Video Security

FLIR Systems, Inc., of Wilsonville, Oregon, offers an all-new line of video security solutions, including HD video over any kind of cable, professional thermal cameras for new low prices, universal cloud connectivity, and mobile apps for everything. The FLIR Thermal Fence, built into the cameras, allows users to create a perimeter security solution that provides accurate intrusion detection and instant visual alarm assessment capability while minimizing false alarms. 

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Wide Dynamic Range Cameras  

IQinVision of San Juan Capistrano, California, offers a line of cameras for indoor and outdoor use. The IQeye Alliance-mx includes the increased processing power needed to run analytics or VMS applications at the edge; it also features wide dynamic range, built-in IR illumination, on-camera storage, two-way audio, and true day/night capability. It is available in H.264 Main Profile vandal dome models and delivers quality megapixel images with the low bandwidth demands. ONVIF- and PSIA-compliant, these new models are backed by a five-year, all-inclusive warranty.

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Door Controller

The AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller from Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is an open, nonproprietary platform for access management that meets the requirements for advanced enterprise systems as well as smaller installations. Open for third-party software, the unit can be integrated with solutions provided by Axis partners. Designed for wall and ceiling mounting, the controller uses power over Ethernet, thus reducing the need for separate power cables to door accessories. The unit has color-coded connectors and a configuration wizard for fail-safe and effective installations.

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Multipoint Lock

Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, offers the ECL-230X, which is built for maximum strength and functions both as panic hardware and as the strongest hardware in its class. Independent pull testing proves the ECL-230X-TDB-DX3 withstands more than 16,000 pounds of pull force. Ideal for back doors requiring both alarmed panic hardware and high-level protection from break-ins, the design places the deadbolt deeper into the frame than other locks in the category. Connecting rods are made of continuous solid metal, rather than the less reliable, hollow-rod/cable construction, and quality components ensure reliable performance.

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Facial Detection

FaceVACS-VideoScan from Cognitec Systems Corporation of Rockland, Massachusetts, detects faces in live video streams or video footage and employs anonymous face recognition for counting visitors, generating demographic information, and tracking people movement in time and space. For example, it can send an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area and measure waiting times to direct traffic. The software applies face recognition technology to compare faces to image databases and instantly find known individuals. Operators can track individuals online or receive alerts on mobile devices.

Booth 21124, Circle 322

Mobile Video Recorder

Samsung Techwin America
of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, has introduced the SRM-872, a full-featured, eight-channel NVR for mobile use. Using power over Ethernet to power all connected cameras, it is designed to withstand the extreme environments faced in the mobile and railroad industries. It accommodates up to eight megapixel cameras for high-quality HD recording. The recorder includes GPS, driver status and panic box, remote control, universal mounting bracket, built-in Web server and software to remotely access the unit. Options for Wi-Fi, 3/4G cellular, and M12 connectivity are available.

Booth 14079, Circle 323

Glass Turnstile

The Slimline Series from Designed Secu­rity, Inc., provides a refined visual and physical turnstile with barrier. Its smaller footprint enables customization to fit in smaller areas. Each unit can monitor the passage of 30 to 45 people per minute per lane and integrates with any access-control system. Made of lightweight but strong acrylic, it offers a sense of openness and lower energy costs than other turnstiles. It also features a programmable LCD display with audio wavefile capabilities, as well as next-generation optical-sensing technology for increased accuracy.

Booth 6071, Circle 324

Remote Turnstile Control

The security turnstiles and gates from Boon Edam Inc. of Lillington, North Carolina, prevent tailgating and piggybacking. Now users can easily control and configure the operation of up to six security barriers on a remote LCD touchscreen panel. With BoonTouch, an authorized user can allow visitors to enter, change card-in/free-out settings, and even lock down or open all entrances with a single touch. Many possibilities can be configured, and BoonTouch can be used with any Boon Edam turnstile or gate.

Booth 8037, Circle 325

Metal Detector

New from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is the CSI Pro metal detector. The crime-scene detector is designed for recovering ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel metallic crime scene evidence such as bullets, shell casings, weap­ons, and metallic arson evidence. Waterproof to ten feet in fresh and saltwater environments, the detector offers multiple features to help identify and separate desired tar­gets from trash targets. It includes headphones, a soft case, and a Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer, a hand-held pinpointer for recovering small metallic evidence.

Booth 12126, Circle 326

Updating Access Control

Honeywell Systems of Louisville, Kentucky, has announced a drop-in board replacement option that allows users to migrate from GE legacy (Casi-Rusco) Micro 5 Series control panels and modules to its Pro-Watch security management system. The Pro-Watch M-5 Conversion with the new Honeywell M-5 Intelligent Controller and Modules gives integrators a new way to modernize security without having to replace older access control systems.

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Weatherproof Padlocks

Abloy Security
of Irving, Texas, has introduced a range of tough locks that can withstand the most severe weather conditions and environmental extremes. ABLOY Super Weather Proof Padlocks are available in mechanical and electromechanical models. The electronic locks use the company’s CLIQ programmable locking technologies for the added security of electronic access control. The padlock’s cap seals the shackle and protects the keyway and cylinder against dust and water. The caps have an IP 68 rating, assuring a hermetic seal; CLIQ models have an IP 57 rating. All padlocks feature case-hardened boron-steel shackles for exceptional physical strength.

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 Direct Card Printing

FARGO Direct-to-Card printers are easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable. From HID Global of Irvine, California, the wide range of secure issuance products includes everything from plug-and-play, entry-level printers to the most sophisticated printing and encoding solutions. Some models offer password protection and data decryption directly on the printer, locking card hoppers to manage different card types for visitors and employees, and color-matching software. Users can print high-quality cards and credentials as needed.

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 Emergency Notification

of Niles, Illinois, has released a new interactive emergency notification platform as part of its WEBS family of products. WEBS Contact Plus makes it easy to send notifications through a wide range of media to defined groups of recipients and WEBS-enabled devices. Recipients can receive notifications via phone call, SMS (text message), e-mail, and Android and iOS mobile apps. The hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is reliable and scalable to send thousands of notifications around the world almost instantaneously. No on-premises servers or applications are required.
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 Managed Switch

The new NetWay 4ES from Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, is a four-port managed switch that transmits IP data and power for up to four IP devices over a single Ethernet cable. The management feature provides local or remote status monitoring with the ability to reset devices. Sold individually or as a kit, the NetWay 4ESK includes a NetWay 1E PoE/PoE+ injector capable of sourcing up to 84 watts total. The NetWay 4ESK is UL listed in the United States and Canada, and CE and C-Tick approved. Altronix products are manufactured in the United States and feature a lifetime warranty.
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Campus Locks

brands Corbin Russwin of Berlin, Connecticut, and SARGENT of New Haven, Connecticut, have introduced the HID multiCLASS SE technology to their IP-enabled power over Ethernet and Wi-Fi campus access control locks: the Corbin Russwin Access 700 and the SARGENT Passport­­ 1000. The tech­nology offers multilayered security and simultaneous support for multiple industry-leading credentials. Ideal for mixed credential environments, they allow an easy transition from magnetic stripe to higher-security credentials and NFC-enabled mobile phones. They use ASSA ABLOY’s PERSONA Campus software or approved third-party software to integrate with existing enterprise, transactional, and housing systems.

Booth 8061, Circle 332

Wireless Locks

Ecoflex technology from ASSA ABLOY of New Haven, Connecticut, represents a significant innovation in door opening technology. It dramatically reduces energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and fewer power supplies. It offers a reliable, flexible, and versatile locking solution, with a common lock for 12- to 24-volt applications, and it can be field-configured to fail-safe or fail-secure operation. The technology is available in SARGENT and Corbin Russwin locks.

Booth 8061, Circle 333

Wi-Fi Locks

The IN120 WiFi lock from ASSA ABLOY brands Cor­bin Russwin of Berlin, Con­necti­cut, and SARGENT of New Haven, Con­necticut, offers a streamlined design for aesthetics and performance. It uses 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi infrastructure and a flex­ible feature set for easier, cost-effective installations, so facilities can expand access control coverage to more doors. Featuring HID multiclass SE technology, the lock offers better identity security and simultaneous support for mul­tiple credential types, including NFC-enabled mobile phones. The reader comes in black or white, with a range of finishes and levers.

Booth 8061, Circle 334 

Key Control

KeyWatcher Touch from Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, is a powerful enterprise-level key control and management system with online monitoring and easy-to-use, time-saving features. KeyAnywhere enables return of a key to any KeyWatcher in the enterprise; KeyFind lets the user locate where a specific key is or determine who has it out. Users can create custom e-mail, scheduled reports, or text alerts for specific users, keys, or events. All transactions are automatically recorded, and it has improved integration capabilities with other security and business systems.

Booth 31087, Circle 335

Card Printer

The PR-C201 retransfer printer from Team NiSCA of Somerset, New Jersey, offers high-speed 600-dpi, 24-bit color printing on more than 160 cards per hour. Retransfer printing technology uses dye sublimation to print full-color, full-bleed images in brilliant, true color. The retransfer process uses dye sublimation to print a high-resolution image in reverse directly onto the film base, which is thermally transferred to the card surface via heat and pressure. The printer is available with an optional encoder, magnetic stripe encoder, contact encoder, and/or contactless encoder.

Booth 572, Circle 336

Cargo Security

Because 90 percent of cargo theft occurs during the transport of the goods, fleet security involves more than simply tracking shipments via GPS. Tyco Integrated Security of Boca Raton, Florida, provides an advanced fleet security and control solution that provides real-time reporting when a shipment goes off-course and remotely and safely shuts the truck down. The company integrates access control, video surveillance, intrusion protection, and fire detection to provide customized security solutions.

Booth 25041, Circle 337

Traffic Safety Products

All Traffic Solutions of State College, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures easy-to-use traffic safety products, including radar speed displays, variable message signs, and Web-based management tools. Wireless connectivity and cloud technology are deeply integrated into all products and solutions, so there is no need to go to the physical sign to change a message, download data, or check on battery life. Thus, government and private facilities can increase performance while reducing the resources needed to fulfill traffic management responsibilities.

Booth 11140, Circle 338

Control Stations
E-SOC control stations from Minneapolis- based Winsted Corporation are part workstation, part console, and completely adaptable. Ergonomic enhancements improve operator performance and result in greater situational awareness when monitoring complex systems. The stations feature the Versa-Trak monitor mounting system, which allows users to easily modify sightlines and viewing angles based on individual needs. Hinged corners eliminate predefined angles and make it possible to fit a control station in virtually any space. The stations also feature integrated cable management. 

Booth 20081, Circle 339

Perimeter Lighting

CAST Lighting of Hawthorne, New Jersey, has introduced the CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System, a low-voltage security lighting system comprised of rugged LED luminaires and a reliable power supply. Mounted on fence posts and chain link fences, these lights are simple and quick to install, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional security lighting. They are ideal for lighting applications where long wire runs are required. Both stock and custom models are available.

Booth 20125, Circle 340

Access Control Software

Keyscan of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, has introduced Aurora access control software. With a completely rebuilt and redesigned user interface, Aurora can leverage the expanded processing power and capabilities built into the newest line of access control units, offering a host of new and enhanced features. The one-platform hardware and software interface not only supports small and mid-scale installations, but also positions Keyscan as a permanent player in the enterprise access control marketplace. Aurora has the power and capability to exceed the demands of large-scale access control deployments.

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Bullet-Resistant Booths

Par-Kut International
of Harrison Township, Michigan, manufactures guard houses and shelters, border inspection booths, security access control checkpoints, and observation towers. Depending on usage and perceived threat level, bullet-resistant enclosures offer protection against weapons ranging from 9-millimeter handguns to automatic assault weapons utilizing armor piercing bullets. The structure can include armor plate in the roof and floor. Other options include electrical battery backup systems, reflective glass, gun ports, safety rails, and roof or floor access hatches. Buildings can include a restroom, and exteriors can be enhanced architecturally to suit their surroundings.

Circle 342

Panoramic Cameras

The Evolution Range from Pelco by Schneider Electric of Clovis, California, consists of 360-degree, 5-megapixel cameras with high frame rate, H.264 compression, on-board SD card, power over Ethernet support, digital input and output, and audio capabilities. Evolution also comes with a range of accessories including pole, pendant, and wall mounts that offer quick and easy installation for improved situational awareness in any setting. The modular design allows cameras to be mounted on a range of available housings for indoor, outdoor, surface-mount, and concealed applications.

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Video Management

S2 Security Corporation
of Framingham, Massachusetts has expanded its NetVR series with the introduction of the NetVR 700 video server network appliance. The high-performance solution supports up to 128 IP cameras and is available in 12- and 24-bay storage configurations that provide up to 96 terabytes of video data storage (RAID 5 or RAID 6). The unit integrates with S2’s ecosystem SMS and VMS products and offers a Web-based user experience and useful tools, including S2’s Forensic Desktop for quickly locating and managing forensic video.

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Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, has introduced the ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector, which is used to detect and locate hidden electronics, including eavesdropping transmitters, regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or turned off. Also effective for searching prisons for cell phones and hidden electronic contraband, it transmits a 2.4 GHz digitally modulated spread spectrum signal that stimulates semiconductor or nonlinear junctions, prompting returning harmonic signals. The device features a higher transmit frequency for detecting smaller, more advanced circuitry; increased power; improved power management; and increased sensitivity.

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Ethernet Switch

ComNet, Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, has introduced a six-port, self-managed Ethernet switch, the CNGE2FE4SMS. The switch has four copper TX ports and two gigabit SFP Ether­net ports, allowing Ethernet data from the four TX ports to be combined and uplinked through the Gbps SFP port. Multiple units can be daisy-chained together through the gigabit backbone, supporting a large number of IP cameras, depending on the selected camera’s bit rate. The self-management feature requires no user intervention and is programmed to avoid flooding the network. It meets the IEEE 802.1x VLAN management standard.

Booth 4097, Circle 346

Network Video Recorder

Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, has introduced the NSP NVR with built-in power over Ethernet. It offers the ease of an IP setup with the simplicity of an analog system. It automatically registers and enrolls IP cameras to produce a picture automatically. It features Digital Deterrent for triggering an audio message via motion detector, system monitoring to receive system health status, and real-time notifications, as well as two-way audio through smartphone apps. The new NS and NSP Plug-N-Play NVRs are available in 4-, 8-, and 16-channel desktop and wall-mount configurations.

Booth 20043, Circle 347

Access Control Software

DSX-AES256 software from Dallas-based DSX Access Systems, Inc., contains government-approved AES-256 bit encryption technology that can be implemented systemwide. Communications to each location can be encrypted with a unique encryption key assigned by the customer for communicating with that location’s field controllers. The software encrypts communications to all panels in that location without us­ing add-on devices. Because encryption technology is inherent in the software and controllers, implementation is easy. All 1040 Series and 1022 controllers can be flash-upgraded to the AES-256 bit version. WinDSX total access control is scalable for one door or an enterprise.

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Public Address Systems
VoIP Amplifiers from GAI-Tronics of Mohnton, Pennsylvania, provide addressable solutions for mass notification or general public address requirements, large or small. Each weatherproof amplifier can connect directly to an existing LAN or WLAN and is capable of receiving a direct, peer-to-peer, or multicast (up to 8 addresses) broadcast. Multiple address programming for multicast broadcasts permits ease of zoning and system configuration. Available in both hard-wired VoIP or Wi-Fi models, these SIP-compatible amplifiers can provide output to a discrete speaker or to multiple speakers with transformer taps. They can also drive peripheral equipment such as a central amplifier. Two programmable contact closure outputs are also available for peripheral control.

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