Jane's Facility Security Handbook, Second Edition

By Jack F. Dowling

***** Jane's Facility Security Handbook, Second Edition. D. Shawn Fenn, et al, eds.; published by Jane’s Information Group, (Web); 361 pages; $65.

This 300-page, handbook-sized security guide will not take up too much room on your desk or bookshelf, but size, in this case, does not matter.

The book covers far more than just physical security, and it accurately reflects security administrators’ expanded concerns by tackling topics such as business continuity and emergency response. All of the topics are presented clearly and concisely. Recent concerns such as coastal storms, flooding, tsunamis, and avian flu are also addressed, including a short continuity plan for avian flu.

The section on facility design examines the strategies encompassed by crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). In addition to the positive aspects of this approach, the disadvantages of some of the CPTED principles are discussed in light of recent disclosures involving terrorism and pre-attack activities.

The chapter on preparedness is devoted mainly to design, plus physical and electronic security measures, with a short discussion of each type. The vital nature of access control is highlighted with a condensed discussion, along with a diagram and sketch, to further the reader’s understanding.

Of particular interest is the section devoted to the National Incident Management System (NIMS). It provides a basic description of this crucial process, which can be used in any emergency. The federal government and most state and local counterparts use NIMS, so security professionals will benefit greatly from a working knowledge of the process.

Although limited in depth, each section creates a foundation for further study. This handbook represents a solid, easy-to-read resource for either the seasoned security professional or someone new to the field.

Reviewer: Jack F. Dowling, CPP, PSP, is president of JD Security Consultants, LLC, Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Dowling is a member of the ASIS International Council on Commercial Real Estate and its Physical Security Measures Guideline Committee. He teaches in the Criminal Justice Administration Program at the University of Phoenix.



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