Just the Facts: Investigative Report Writing, 3rd Edition

By Michael Biggs; Reviewed by Tom Chronister, CPP

***** Just the Facts: Investigative Report Writing, 3rd Edition. By Michael Biggs; published by Pearson Prentice Hall, (Web); 224 pages; $44.80.

This is a wonderfully written text. The author does a great job of reviewing the basics of the police report writing process: records management systems, dictation, interviewing skills, Miranda rights, and writing styles. He describes how to best construct crime reports, arrest reports, field notebooks, and search warrant affidavits.

Each chapter ends with a summary, review, exercises, and a quiz. The appendix offers a wide variety of report templates—each with several copies—all with easy tear-out perforations.

Law enforcement trainers will find this text a welcome addition to their instructional tool kit, but security professionals are less likely to get value from it.

If you are interested in a review of the law enforcement report writing process and how it relates to your policies and procedures as a security professional, this book is for you. If you would like to evaluate a variety of standard police report templates for modification, adoption, and use in your organization, this book is for you. But if your staff is in need of assistance in how to best craft reports specific to the security industry, there are more appropriate publications available.

Reviewer: Tom Chronister, CPP, has been a member of the Oxnard, California Police Department since 1983. He is currently assigned to the patrol division and is the department’s field training program manager. He is a member of ASIS International.



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