Laboratory Biosecurity Handbook

By Reynolds M. Salerno and Jennifer Gaudioso; Reviewed by Jack F. Dowling, CPP, PSP

***** Laboratory Biosecurity Handbook. By Reynolds M. Salerno and Jennifer Gaudioso; published by CRC Press, (Web); 208 pages; $99.95.

In this text, the authors’ stated objective to “attempt to begin documenting some of the methods and procedures for designing and implementing a laboratory biosecurity system” is met and exceeded.

The book furnishes a comprehensive study of all aspects related to biosecurity, following accepted practices, including material control, transportation, and program management. It also provides insight and facts on the past and potential future of biosecurity and bioterrorism threats, such as SARS and anthrax, and distinguishes between biosafety and biosecurity.

This book follows the accepted practice of preceding each security program review with a risk assessment and establishment of a holistic protection plan that includes personnel security; policies and procedures, specifically for access control; and an awareness, education, and training program to mitigate the risk for each biological agent.

The text goes so far as to mention the background screening of employees and the types of credentialing systems for identification and access control. The sections on physical security demonstrate the essential nature for layers of protection, in-depth security, and uniform coverage.

Throughout the handbook, charts and color illustrations depict risk methodologies, identification cards, and physical layout designs. The book’s appendices provide additional resources, including definitions, checklists, and citation of relevant laws, rules, and regulations.

Although you might think a knowledge and understanding of science, especially biology, would be necessary to comprehend this handbook, enough explanation is supplied to alleviate this requirement. The text is written in a logical manner using a detailed outline format for easy reading and reference.

This book would be an excellent addition to any security director’s library, especially those employed at colleges, universities, hospitals, and commercial entities that conduct biology-related research and development.

Reviewer: Jack F. Dowling, CPP, PSP, is president of JD Security Consultants, LLC, of Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Dowling teaches in the University of Phoenix’s Criminal Justice Administration Program and is a member of ASIS International’s Commercial Real Estate Council and Physical Security Measures Guideline Committee.



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