A Law Enforcement and Security Officers' Guide to Responding to Bomb Threats:

By Mayer Nudell, CSC

A Law Enforcement and Security Officers' Guide to Responding to Bomb Threats: Providing a Working Knowledge of Bombs, Preparing for Such Incidents, and Performing Basic Analysis of Potential Threats.
By Captain Jim Smith; published by Charles C. Thomas, 800/258-8980 (phone), (Web); 160 pages; $26.95.

 Security professionals sometimes forget just how little they knew when they began their careers and how valuable they found references that successfully covered the basics. This book, by a captain in the Dothan (Alabama) Police Department, is a good example of such a book.

The author, who holds a variety of bomb technician specifications and supervises the Dothan police's Bomb and Explosive Detail, does a superlative job of creating a layman's guide to bombs and planning for and dealing with incidents involving explosives. The text is replete with guidelines and suggestions for both law enforcement and security personnel called to respond to such incidents. Clear and concise descriptions cover common methods of bomb construction, delivery of an explosive device, and detonation. Valuable threat assessment and medical tips are also shared.

For anyone new to the field, this book might literally be a lifesaver. Those with more tenure will find a useful refresher and planning guide.

Reviewer: Mayer Nudell, CSC (Certified Safety and Security Consultant), operates Specialized Consulting Services in North Hollywood, California. He is a member of ASIS.



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