Laws to Aid Breach Victims

By Peter Piazza

A data breach at ChoicePoint in February 2005 was “a watershed event in terms of disclosure to the affected individuals,” according to a paper from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. A Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident outlines many of 2005’s breaches and their causes, from 250 individuals who were put at risk when computers at East Carolina University were hacked to the millions at risk from breaches at CardSystems.

By the end of last year, legislators in 22 states had already implemented laws that impose data security and notification requirements on companies storing customer data, according to a regularly updated list from Consumers Union. The list gives the name and date of each piece of legislation along with a summary of what each requires and who must comply.

Federal lawmakers have proposed a number of laws that would establish a national framework for notifying those whose information has been affected by a data breach. A new white paper from GuardianEdge Technologies, which creates encryption solutions, outlines these federal efforts. @ Get the latest on data breaches at SM Online.

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