Managing the Use of Force Incident: For Criminal Justice Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators

By Howard Webb; Reviewerd by Dr. Steve Albrecht, CPP

The author brings much experience to the book, not only as a former Oregon police lieutenant but also as the former director of the Montana Law Enforcement Acad­emy. The scope of his book covers understanding use-of-force incidents; preparing for use-of-force incidents; documenting them; and managing incidents as a supervisor, manager, or administrator. He speaks to the need for ongoing, realistic, and safely initiated training for officers that includes deadly force training, hands-on role plays, and real-time scenarios that call for an officer to experience stressors similar to those present in an actual field situation.

To extrapolate what the author says about prevailing in use-of-force civil suits to a security organization, security must be able to demonstrate to a judge or jury that the security officer was effectively trained to use hands-on force, restraining force, or deadly force; that written use-of-force policies provide the security officer and the security organization with a legal justification; and that the accompanying documentation can support what the officer did as reasonable and necessary.

This book covers a significant amount of material on the subject, as written by a bona fide expert who has been in the field and the courtroom. The tone is direct and the supporting information is valuable for any security manager or administrator who has concerns for use-of-force incidents involving security personnel.

Reviewer: Dr. Steve Albrecht, CPP, is a San Diego, California-based author and consultant on workplace violence prevention. He worked for the San Diego Police Department from 1984 to 1999.



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