Mission: Intangible: Managing Risk and Reputation To Create Enterprise Value

By Nir Kossovsky; Reviewed by Michael D. Moberly

***** Mission: Intangible. Managing Risk and Reputation To Create Enterprise Value. By Nir Kossovsky with Todd A. Miller; Trafford Publishing,; 228 pages; $29.95.

This is one of those “must read” books that forward-looking security professionals will quickly recognize as a “value add,” because it is becoming a necessity for companies of all sizes, sectors, and maturity to factor reputation risk into most every transaction or initiative. That means ensuring that such risk is effectively aligned with strategies and practices.

This book is not an instructional manual on how to spin problems so that they don’t harm your reputation. Instead, one of the features that makes this book especially relevant to security practitioners is the manner in which the authors have described a strong and sound business case for managing company reputational risks to create enterprise value.

As security professionals know all too well, most—if not all—security initiatives proposed internally or by a consultant today must be accompanied by an equally strong “business case” describing the initiative’s value to the company’s bottom line.

To that point, Kossovsky offers his own self-styled but sound qualitative and quantitative perspective for framing the value of the still-evolving discipline of reputation risk management. The book is filled with relevant and understandable metrics that collectively provide security professionals with important and necessary tools to effectively articulate and ultimately design a reputation risk management proposal to accommodate C-suite queries.

The author’s “from the trenches” perspectives, supported by well-portrayed graphics and timely examples, serve the reader by repeatedly dem­onstrating a strong and well-documented business rationale for companies to invest in a reputation risk management and organizational resilience program.

For those security professionals who are looking for a book that truly puts them on the leading edge of a topic that numerous studies consistently report is among the C-suite’s key interests, this could be it.

Reviewer: Michael D. Moberly is the founder of Knowledge Protection Strategies of St. Louis. He is vice chair of ASIS International’s Information Asset Protection Council.




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