Money Laundering Prevention: Deterring, Detecting, and Resolving Financial Fraud

By Jonathan Turner; Reviewed by Joseph J. Jaksa, Ph.D, CPP

The author offers explanations of who may engage in this activity, their motivations, the professional businesses that participate (either willingly or reluctantly), and the law enforcement and legal professionals who attempt to deter or prevent these acts. Turner also goes a step further by explaining how to recognize and prevent these activities, the technologies used to conduct the crime, and the global impact money laundering has on society.

The compact presentation of the content allows the reader a quick and accurate portrayal of the various aspects of this crime. Security, law enforcement, risk management, and business professionals will benefit from the content while not being overburdened or inundated by complex financial jargon. In addition, the academic community can use this text as a solid educational source for classes pertaining to white collar crime, organized crime, and international terrorism. Given the detailed explanation of the subject matter, this book will have a long shelf life, making it a solid investment.

Reviewer: Joseph J. Jaksa, Ph.D, CPP, is an associate professor of criminal justice and coordinator of the Masters of Administrative Sciences program at Saginaw Valley State University in Mich­igan. His 25 years of experience include serving as a security director, private investigator, corporate executive, media consultant, and expert witness. He is a member of ASIS International.



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