Monitoring Social Media Use

By Holly Gilbert

EdgeWave Social instead brings up a dialog box that appears to be coming from the site itself when someone attempts to post unauthorized content. “It’s totally integrated. It looks like it’s coming from Facebook, or it looks like it’s coming from Twitter,” says Brunetto.

Brunetto emphasizes that each company can tailor the custom text that will appear in response to inappropriate content, such as suggesting that an employee review the acceptable-use policy or referring to a specific guideline. By doing so, he says, the tool “promotes that learning and that self-correcting behavior.”

Another feature e-mails the blocked message to an administrator or sends it to be stored in a reporting database for later review.

EdgeWave Social also offers employers the ability to tailor layers of access for each employee based on his or her administrative privileges on certain company accounts. “You probably have people that are authorized to speak in the name of the company,” says Brunetto. “We have the ability to say, ‘Okay, we recognize the identity of the person from the directory service,’ and then we can match that up with the user name of the social media platform. One person can have full-on authority to post to the corporate account, and another person doesn’t, or they have read-only access to it.”

Security Management has not tested EdgeWave Social, and the company did not provide any end users to talk with, so we cannot know whether it performs exactly as claimed in practice, but whatever software a company uses, the concept is that companies need a way to monitor usage. 

Legal concerns. As a company tries to protect itself, it must also be mindful of the legal issues that could be raised by monitoring what employees do on personal accounts, Ornstein points out. Companies must consult with counsel and make sure they know what the laws are in their jurisdictions.

As far as having an application that monitors everything, he says, “It depends very much how it works and what employees have consented to.”



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