Peter the Drug Dog

By Hank Nolin; Reviewed by Laz Claro, CPP


***** Peter the Drug Dog. By Hank Nolin; published by Xlibris Corporation; available from ASIS, item #1860, 703/519-6200 (phone), (Web); 300 pages; $22 (ASIS members), $24 (nonmembers).
Peter Pan will sniff you out! Peter Pan, the eternal boy from Neverland? Not quite. This Pan is a very special canine.
Peter the Drug Dog is security entrepreneur Hank Nolin’s biographical account of a deep and loving relationship he shared with Peter Pan, a unique and gifted Labra­dor Retriever that identified more than $19 million worth of illegal drugs in North, Central, and South America over the course of a decade.
The book is both interesting and entertaining. Nolin wrote the book from Peter’s perspective so that the reader could connect with how Peter sees the world around him, his training, his interesting missions, and especially how he relates to humans. The short chapters are separated by whimsical animal jokes. Peter goes on to tell the reader about the different missions that he went on, the people met, and the behavior of his handler, Nolin.
The book is not, however, a professional reference. Nolin touches on limited aspects of dog training but does not go into detail on the techniques employed. From a practical standpoint, the text could have examined how a security operation might benefit from the services of detection dogs. Additional information might have included the costs, regulations, and certifications involved in training and handling canines.
It’s clear that Nol­in’s aim was to relate a highly personal account of a drug sniffing canine, his travels, missions, and successes, but above all, the relationship of a human and “man’s best friend.” Many security professionals would find entertainment value in this book, as would a general audience.

Reviewer: Laz Claro, CPP, is senior vice president and director of corporate security for Riverside National Bank of Florida. He has more than 29 years of white-collar crime investigation experience. He is a member of ASIS International.




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